Review: MUFE Aqua cream color in #4(white) and #6(black)

This will be a pretty short post-just reviewing the two shades.  Didn’t care for them at first, but they’ve grown on me!

I’ve reviewed several other colors in the line here.

These are my newest colors!

White-VERY frosty, pearly white.  Be VERY careful with application on this one.  Apply 2-3 thin layers for an opaque white base.  THIN LAYERS.  Sadly, it can be difficult to get it smooth if you apply it too thickly, and eyeshadow does not apply evenly over the pearl-you get patches of pearl that show up VIBRANTLY among normal shadow colors.   You can really only get it to look smooth if you are already using frosty or high shimmer shadows over top, if you rush the application.

See what I mean?  Most of these shadow colors have SOME sparkle to them that did not adhere.  But you can still see chunks of pearl that didn’t take the color as much.

So remember.  THIN layers.  If you do that, it is a LOVELY shimmery base that does very pretty things even with matte colors overtop!  Compare the difference between teh above, and this

See how much smoother it is, with the right application?

Black-This is a REALLY nice color, don’t get me wrong.  It has a white pearl that makes it appear more grey when used over larger spaces.  As far as a base for eyes, frosty shades show up the best.  For a nice metallic smoky eye?  This is tops!  Heck, it even looks presentable just by itself, with your usual lid base applied as a highlight, and to soften the harsh softening of the crease.  Nice texture, and very pretty pearl.  It’s just not as black as I’d like, but still dark enough that some shadows don’t show up over it.

The aqua cream color is still a LOVELY formula-very long wearing, makes a great primer.  I can’t think of using these on lips or cheeks, just because… they’re white and black.  Maybe for an experimental thing here or there, but I don’t know I’d go that far.

Here’s product swatches!

As you can see, the white does not spread as evenly-the pearl collects in certain spots.  On top of that, most of the color comes in the frost, so it isn’t a terribly opaque white base unless you layer it a bit.

Overall, though, I have enough uses for these that I’m quite happy.  MUFE Aqua creams are phenomenal products!  Expensive, but worth it if you get the right colors. I think these two are versatile enough that they might be more wearable for  your average user than my true favorites in the line-Fuchsia, Aqua, and fresh Pink!  Warm Beige is another nice Aqua cream for those who do not need the brightly colored ones.  I’d venture to say that the White, and the Warm Beige are versatile enough for bases for daily looks, and if you can only buy two-those are the easiest to work with!

I’m already kind of craving looking for a gold, yellow, or maybe orange one, and hoping they develop a BRIGHT purple.  But with the several shades I have, I think my pocketbook calls it quits with these.  Onward, to other products!  Ah, the life of a beauty addict.


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