MUFE HD Cream Blushes-colors 4, 5, and 14

I got samples of these, to see what I thought of them,before getting the full size.  The MUFE HD Cream Blush line, available at freestanding Sephora’s, has  a LOT of colors.  I’d highly recommend swatching in person before you get sold on any one color.  There are a number that are similar, with just a teensy hint of difference, to the naked eye.  Don’t want to discover you’ve ordered two colors online, that don’t look ANY different, though there is a minute difference in description!

I tried to pick a variety, though they are all the very palest the line has to offer. There’s a beautiful plum that I could tell would be lovely on someone with much more pigmentation than I have.  I do love plum blushes though.

For reference, I have PALE(paler than MAC NC15) skin, with some freckles/uneven pigmentation.  There’s a fairly minimal amount of under eye bags and coloring.  My cheeks are slightly oily, get some hormonal acne/blemishes, though not a lot, and are VERY sensitive to skincare and foundation. I look for allergic reactions, or fragrance allergies when picking out facial products, almost before any other consideration.

All of these have minimal shimmer, are VERY pigmented, and can be buffed down, or layered and built up, to alter the intensity of the color.  The line’s colors are ALL bright and dark enough that paler skin tones may be a bit  afraid to use them.

The base is fairly liquid, and blends easily, though it clings to itself more than the thicker cream blushes I’ve used.  This means that it can take a bit of blending to get it smooth.  There’s a VERY faint smell to it, but it’s not unpleasantly chemical, or noticeable.  It has a SLIGHTLY thicker consistency than liquid concealers, and feels a LOT like applying a concealer, just to a rather large area.  I’m not sure that I’m thrilled with that.

I recommend using two brushes—use a TEENY bit on a foundation brush, to apply it. Don’t be surprised if it looks horrendously patchy and garish.  Next, blend it down with a fluffier powder brush.  That will even out the color over patchy spots and allow more fine application over the greater cheekbone area.

It takes a  bit to dry down, so there’s thankfully enough time to blend before it sets.  After setting with powder, the most vibrant color faded from my face around 2 hours,  but I still had a natural looking flush of it left, for around 6 more!  So, not GREAT wear, if you need it at its most vibrant.  But it DID look nice all day.

This may be a great formula for dryer skin types, since its creamier than a lot of options.  I’d watch the blending though, since it’s pigmented enough that it doesn’t blend as evenly as I’d like, and I worry it would accentuate dry patches it was applied over.  It DOES wear a lot better than my favorite powder blushes, so it’s not terrible for oily skin either.

Here’s my colors, with a swatch and description.

On the Left, is a less blended down, more opaque coat, to show the color.  I put the number in eyeliner in between the next swatch, so it’s easier to remember which is which. On the Right, is the same color, blended sheerer, for a more natural flush.

4-walk of shame—cool toned pink, the palest in the line, to my eyes.  But STILL very deep and bright.

5-Nip Slip—a shade darker than #4.  Some coral tones, and a bit warmer.

14-Star struck–VERY warm coral, fewer pink tones.  My least favorite color for myself, but this would still be beautiful on warmer skin tones, especially if you’re the type to like bronzed skin, nude coral lips, and a more neutral eye or smoky eye.  Just not my style, and STILL slightly too dark for me, though I picked the palest true coral I found.

The container comes with plenty of product for the average makeup user-as well it SHOULD, given the price tag(I can’t remember if these were $22 or $25.  I think my MAC cream blush cost 14$, for comparison).  My biggest pet peeve with the packaging is in the pump.  You need VERY little product to get good results, but the pump has almost NO way to control how much you get.  Even pumping VERY lightly to test it, I still ended up with a bead of blush on my hand with 3-5 times as much product as I needed on my face!  So, chances are, you’ll be wasting a LOT of product.

I LIKE pump containers–so nice and sanitary, helps prolong the shelf life.  But this one is better suited for a lotion, than for an INTENSE cream blush in a somewhat liquid base.  If I buy the full size of #4 or #5, which I’m debating, since I LOVE the colors, I’ll probably save my sample jars, and just pump a small amount of product into them, so that I can reuse it, rather than pumping more.

Here’s additional swatches!


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