aqua/blue eyes

Eh, the eyes were lovely in person, but I don’t like it with the silver i added. It accentuates my eye baggage.  I think i could have gotten a better effect with a light dusting of glitter. Plus, I think that the silver powder stuck to the rhinestones and muted them.  Probably also not helped by the slight stickiness of the foundation I’m test driving.  Made it impossible to get an EVEN Dusting of powder.

Either my camera is breaking, or I’m more tired than I thought—I could NOT get my camera to focus!  Ordinarily that only happens when the batteries are low, but these were NEW ones!  At any rate, the only way i could get it to work was with a further lens, so please excuse the slightly out of focus shots, cropped from more irregular large shots.  I really do have a knack for picking out camera lemons.  I don’t want to buy a new one already, but i think its JUST outside warranty.

Oh, and I forgot what mascara I was using, and did 3 coats of a formula prone to clumping.  So my lashes look like barbie hair, after you try blow drying it. Heh OUCH! I think I’ll go copy one of those images into my review as a cautionary tale.


MUFE Aqua Flash Cream color

Fyrinnae Javan Rhino-apply over lid to set cream base

MAC Atlantic blue-outer corner into crease, outer lower lashline

MUFE 72-crease, inner lower lashline

MAC Aquadisiac-lightly above crease to soften

MAC Gesso-highlight

Buxom Lashliner in Blue velvet-upper lashline and lower waterline

Benefit Bad Gal mascara


MAC Brit Wit

MAC Cream color in Pearl


MAC Phlox


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