My current collection/organization

Because I am bored, and I’ve added a ton of stuff since I last listed my stash.  It’s time to buy new palettes-these have been reorganized to about their full capacity.  I can’t even fit one pan in, if it won’t go in the purple palette!

As of 7/27/10, this is what I’m working with!

As of 7/26.

Lipsticks are MAC Hue, Phlox, Cherish, Viva Glam V, Raddichio, Spice it Up, Sweetie, Party Line, Cyber, Lady Danger, Brave Red, Dubonnet, Desire, Crosswires, and Girl About Town.  The “display” is just styrofoam, with holes drilled in it to shove the ends of the tubes in, name plate up!

Odds and ends are Fyrinnae Samples, Nail art Rhinestones, chunky nail art glitter, Buxom Lashliner, and MUFE HD setting powder.The fyrinnae samples are(in no particular order-i don’t have space to have them in rows, when the eyeshadow and face palettes are put away) Sennyo, Parental Advisory, Forbidden Lover, Meercat, Mephisto, Kitten in Heels, Chaotic Evil, +20 Beautification, Sleepy Hollow, Javan Rhino, Lief, Hypercool, Optimism, Vanir, and Cheshire cats grin.

MUFE Flash cream color palette

Other MUFE products!  Aqua creams in 18, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13(top row), 1, 21, 20, 22, and 4(middle row), and Pure pigments in 18, 16, 14, and Star powder in Fuchsia(bottomw row)

MAC Mineralize blushes in Gentle, and Gleeful

Too faced Mirror Mirror gloss in Envy Me, MAC superglass in Sweet Tart, Fab Frenzy,  dazzleglass in Funtabulous, and superglass in Totally Bang!

Cream shadow odds and ends.

MAC Paintpots in Deft, Moss Scape, Greensmoke, Painterly, bare study. Generic Salon line cream shadows in Truffle, Naturale, and Moss. Sally beauty supply body glitter.

My facial palette!  Blush, contour, brow fillers

And on to the eyeshadow palettes!   Notes-UD is Urban Decay, Cargo eyeshadows were depotted from Dare to Play palette, and Fyrinnae ones were pressed.


Bright pinks/oranges/yellows!

Dark purples, grays, blues

Bright blues/greens



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