Review: MUFE Eyeshadow # 72

I think at  the time of my last haul, I forgot I’d given in and purchased Electric Eel. I might have skipped buying MUFE eyeshadow #72, if I’d remembered.  Electric Eel is… 11$ for a pro refill pan, and this was 19$ I believe.  Still an awesome color, just one that’s fairly easily dupe-able for cheaper.

Oh well, I still love MUFE.  Can’t really go wrong with their basic brights!

This is a  rich, turqouise shadow.  It is very similar to MACs Electric Eel, but is slightly tealer and lighter(in the pan).  Very very blend-able, has a matte texture that’s not at ALL chalky.

One thing I really feel I MUST say…..  MUFE eyeshadow’s are AWESOME quality, but all but the palest shades I’ve seen STAIN!  Maybe it’s just my skin type.  But I don’t recall the last time I had a blue shadow stain like this one does, even over non-sticky primers, or bare skin!!  The only shadow I own of theirs that does NOT strongly stain is the light chartreuse.  I figured the lavender and fuchsia stained because pink tones usually do, when they’re that bright!  But blue?  Really?

That said, it’s a very versatile color for bright looks, and works well with a variety of other tones and textures.  Just don’t use it when your next makeup look will be a neutral.


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  1. sara
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 17:23:48

    great review! i agree that pinks typically do stain, i havent’ really had any problem with blues unless i really pack them on and use like 5 or 6 of them in one look, but thats pretty interesting.

    now i want this color! i need to expand my collection to have a bit of MUFE.


    • dolcearia
      Jul 29, 2010 @ 17:44:06

      MUFE can definitely be worth it! I LOVE the color-I’m just cranky about it staining. I wear NO makeup at work, so having a weird blue stain… only in the crease…… just doesn’t work. I hate having to relegate makeup colors to the “only for weekend use due to staining” list. This is the first blue I’ve had issues with, outside of Fyrinnaes Pixie Epoxy.

      Pixie Epoxy DOES make some shadows stain on my, but I have NEVER had a blue stain me through a drier primer! ARGH!

      I really do actually wish I had remembered I own electric eel. Both are awesome colors, but in practice there’s not a hugely noticeable difference.

      Oh well! That’s what I get!

      If you’re JUST trying MUFE….. PLEASE get the Aqua cream colors! The Aqua is LOVELY, the White is fast becoming my favorite primer, the Warm Beige is perfect for daily looks, the redder ones REALLY let you make up new lippies with the colors you have…. I’d give up any of my MUFE eyeshadows in a pinch, but you couldn’t pay me to part with my Aqua creams. Oh, and thier Star Powder in Fuchsia is lovely too. Skip the pure pigments though. The eyeshadows are awesome matte colors, and are fun, but there’s probably nothing there that couldn’t be duped cheaper in other lines, if you tried.


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