Review: Cover FX liquid foundation in E0

Yet another chapter in my hunt for a foundation…  Previously, I tried Cover FX’s Powder foundation, and liked it, but wanted more coverage for photography and events.  The color was also a bit off.  So here’s my thoughts on their liquid foundation!

For reference, I have PALE(paler than MAC NC15) skin, with some freckles/uneven pigmentation. There’s the beginnings of a few fine lines(genetic, I’m fairly sure) under my eyes, and on my forehead, but no real wrinkles or crow feet(since I’m 23.) There’s a fairly minimal amount of under eye bags and coloring. It is slightly oily, gets some hormonal acne/blemishes, though not a lot, and is VERY sensitive to skincare and foundation. I look for allergic reactions, or fragrance allergies when picking out facial products, almost before any other consideration.

I have been working with E0-the palest shade in the line.  Despite some discrepancies in their numbering system between their powder, and liquid, this was is a much cleaner color match than the E20 powder.  It’s slightly less pink, so a more neutral tone.  Which is good, since they don’t separate their undertones to the extent that, say, MAC does, especially in their palest few shades.

It DID seem to oxidize a bit on my face, and never really felt “set”.  It looked a little heavier than I’d like, but provided good coverage.  I’d say four to five hours wear before I felt I HAD to remove it because the oxidation was too much.  So this might be a good foundation for short term.  It photographed pretty well, and wore decently for medium periods.  Just not a great one for all-day-every-day foundation use.

The finish is also a bit dewier than I would like.  I would describe it as dewy, without powder, and Satin, with a matte powder over it. It’s not a finish I find flattering, and it makes it appear it has  worn off FAR before it actually has. My skin will be even and smooth, but extremely oily shiny, with slightly oxidized yellows, and in all but a few areas, the deposits of pigment is still intact.  To keep a nice finish on it, I’d have to re-powder it quite frequently.  That is not something that thrills me.

I don’t think I’ll purchase the full size of this-after using it two days, my face has a number of sore swollen spots. Not zits, just sore, swollen spots.  I get these with other foundations too, and some moisturizers.  It’s just not a formula I particularly like.  It’s not the worst reaction I’ve ever had, but it’s a reaction I don’t want from a foundation product this expensive(If i recall, the liquids are 40$.  On par with my Dior, more expensive than MAC, and slightly cheaper than the Eve Pearl I have coming, for perspective.)

For color recommendations, or other options, I’d recommend checking out Temptalia’s foundation matrix.


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