Tutorial: rhapsody in blue

If you wish, the original post is here. I know not all of us like following step-by-step things.

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Rhapsody in Blue(Basic breakdown)

Tutorial for this is up now. I still wanted this short version up, for those of us who don’t usually follow step by steps(I’m so impatient—i’m TERRIBLE at following tutorials. I always get bored, rush ahead, make something “inspired by” but completely different.  Ouch)


Review: Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Demolition

I’m sorry for the VERY bad product photos.  I’ve had this one awhile, and it’s beginning to look well loved.


Bright Parrot eye

This may or may not be a step down from my previous parrot eye.  It’s certainly a little bit quieter.  Still kind of an eyesore though.  Apologies for the slightly-smudged lips.  My cat has decided that I sit down for macro shots because I want him to come stand in my lap and rub his face against me.  I tried cleaning it up, but it’s still a little outside the lines.  Heh.

And I still love NARS Rated R duo.


What picture tutorial would you like to see?

Because I’m bored, with the man starting his last semester of class, and starting these might keep me from spending all my time eating chocolates and pacing like a zombie.

dark, smoky eggplant

I do have to admit-even if my camera can handle the bathroom lighting, I can’t!  This came out much darker than I intended, though it’s still presentable.


smoky nude

So, after a very eventful day yesterday shopping with the boyfriends mom, I have a pile of fun new clothes!  I did this look to match my dress(A thrift store find!  One shoulder velvet, fits like a glove…..)  I kept the eyes very neutral, with smoked out liner, and my usual dramatically built up lashes, and(in a departure from my usual taste) I kept the lips nude as well!  I like the effect, though I still don’t feel that being THIS understated suits my fleshy face as much as more dramatic lips would.


Tequila Sunrise

Testing out my camera’s handling of artificial recessed lighting, at night.

And drooling over pretty colors.


glittery aqua

So this was rushed, and  what i started with didn’t match what I ended with.  Somewhere along the way, there was a layer of Buxom Saint Bernard cream shadow, and UD Jinx eyeshadow.  THey were too pale, so i added darker colors that hid them.


Review: Ole Henriksen Day Cream spf 15

I am always happy to try new things, even when I probably SHOULD be sticking with the things that I KNOW work.  Especially as far as moisturizers go.  my Clinique Dramatically Different has done wonders, without causing breakouts.  Shouldn’t I be happy with that?  But how can I RESIST trying samples of whatever happens to be around when I buy a lot of makeup. I’m just not that strong of a person!

I waffled back and forth on whether I COULD do a full review of this.  I used it for nearly a week, and noticed so many more skin issues that I decided to cut my losses, and give up.  I wanted to love this very badly, I’m in love with the chamomile smell!  And I may well end up using it on my hands, just to enjoy that smell. But a nice smell isn’t worth painful breakouts and inflammations, and itchy-tingly-redness.


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