Focus On: MAC Star Violet

Focus On is a work in progress. Have you ever talked yourself out of buying a product because the color was too odd, and you wondered how often you would really be able to use it? Or, you know those colors you LOVE because of some hidden versatility that you never imagined when you bought it? I do that ALL of the time. In the interests of loving what I HAVE, and learning its limitations, rather than relying on the influx of new colors, I will be doing this post every Saturday, focusing on a new color from my collection, with examples of past work, ideas for other uses. Please feel free to suggest colors you wish to see, or uses for the ones listed, or let me know what your favorites are for future posts.

Star violet sat in my stash for a few years before I remembered how much I love it.  It is a rich eggplant, with a slight metallic frost.  Some lights it leans browner, others, red-er.

Fuchsias bring out the purple tones

Golds and Champagnes keep itworkable for neutral looks, smoky eyes, or arabic style eyes.

It makes a lovely contour color for coral tones.

Pair with red-oranges to bring out the reddish tones, for a smoky eye.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sara
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 16:44:10

    focus on is going to be a hit deary!!!
    its crazy to think that, Star Violet can have SO many different uses!!!


  2. dolcearia
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 17:09:52

    Dude-you made me blush! It’s certainly been fun to do! Even the most basic of colors has so many different ways it can work, that its fun picking out the complex ones, and sifting through it! My saturdays have come to mainly be me, sifting through old entries, photographing swatches, linking things, adn picking out whichever one I’ve collected the most pictures for. I try to have four or five distinct looks or techniques before posting…. And I already have around 12 in progress, and 5 of them within a look or two of being my version of thorough! It’s prevented me from craving more colors anyways….

    But yeah, for a while I wasn’t using star violet, but it’s such a gorgeous color for when I get out of my “ZOMG BRIGHT!” phases. SO versatile.


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