Review: MAC Cream Blush in Brit Wit

This is my go to “natural” blush. I think I’ve raved about it a bit in context of looks, but it merits its own post!  Besides-I’m not planning a sephora trip for a bit, or any online orders.  At least not for a few days.   SO I may as well take the time to write about some products I use frequently, that never got reviewed earlier.

This is a very beautiful dusty rose.  It is fairly neutral in tones, and works well with a variety of undertones and looks.

You can buy it in a MAC compact, or get just the refill for use with your MAC palettes.  It’s nice being able to include it in the same palette as other blushes, to see which tone you want, and is pretty affordable.

If you try depotting MAC Cream blushes from their case, I recommend using alcohol to separate the glue-heat will melt it and you’ll make a mess and waste product.

The base is fairly thick, but it is very pigmented.  A little goes a long way-I like to take a wedge shaped blush brush, lightly tap it on the surface of the product, and apply from there, to my cheeks, in little circles. It blends out beautifully, and the one tap gives me PLENTY of color for my skin.  You can layer it for a richer color, or buff it down to mute it further. It’s really quite versatile!

MAC Cream works on lips too, and the color is pretty, but it tastes bad enough that I wouldn’t recommend that instead of just buying a similarly colored lipstick.

On me, it wears decently well-I still have a natural tint from it 6-7 hours after applying it.  It might pale a little in intensity, but the overall tone is still present.

Remember to set with a powder for best wear!

Here’s product swatches!  If it tells you anything about the density of this product-I dipped my finger in ONCE, and got an opaque swipe, and a blended down swatch, to show for it.


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