Review: LORAC Perfectly Lit highlighter

This is currently Sephora’s Steal, for 9$.  May I recommend you try it?  It’s WELL worth it!  It gives a nice, natural sheen for highlights, without too much shimmer, frost, uneven-ness in application…

I usually work with MAC Pearl cream color, and its very frosty, and can take a bit of buffing down.  I’m happy enough with it, but this gives a MUCH more natural look.  This would work on a variety of skin tones-the base for it is slightly darker than my skin tone, but blends OK with blush. Skin tones drastically deeper may have difficulty using it, or want to use a VERY fluffy brush to blend it in well.  But for light-medium or fair skin tones, it should be pretty utilitarian.

This is a VERY fine powder-at first, it felt like a cream under my fingers.  It applies smoothly, to a soft sheen. It’s not a true “shimmer” on the cheeks, but just gives an impression of glow.  I can’t use this anywhere but on cheeks or decolletage, because it’s slightly too dark for skin highlighting and contouring, on the rest of my face.  MAC 20-25 range may find it even more versatile.

I like the packaging-nice, utilitarian and sturdy feeling.  Mirrored top, and a little pad applicator(that I never use.)  There’s a good amount of product, and you only need a little!

Here’s product swatches, and the rest of the packaging!


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