Review: MAC mineralize blush in Gentle

I probably should have reviewed this long before now, because it’s one of my most-used blush colors.  You wouldn’t think so, since it looks so very dark and vibrant, but it’s surprisingly wearable! (it is slightly more purple than the pictures  captured)

MAC Gentle is a rich purple-y plum with a gold shimmer.  It’s not a particularly cool purple, but it’s definitely not a warm plum.  The mineralize blushes don’t last that long on me, but it’s perfect for photography purposes, or a short engagement.  I’d say it fades around 2-4 hours, depending if it’s applied over a cream blush or after powder.

It’s easy to build coverage, or buff it out, so you can get a surprising amount of versatility to it!  The color looks warmer on the skin than in the pan, so it’s not garishly purple, but just a soft tone that works well with cool blue, purple, or pink eyeshadow.  I WOULD like a bit longer wear out of it, but the finish is so pretty, that this is still more than OK for the majority of my makeup use.

Here’s swatches!  On one side of my hand, it’s dense, to show the color. The other side is blended out as it would appear with a softer application.

And, for reference, this is it on the face.


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