Tarina Tarantino Victorian Punk eyeshadow

After seeing some of the swatches from the original debut for Tarina Tarantino’s makeup line, I said “I should look”.  I’ve looked several times, but never ended up buying.  The shadows looked lovely and bright—–but reminded me a LOT of the Urban Decay shadow’s I already own!  The texture is VERY similar-soft, silky, buttery, mostly frost finishes, many with flecks of microglitter.  The colors looked sort of similar too.  I’d see a lovely green and say “Oh, but this is SO close to UD’s Homegrown”.  Two minutes later, I’d fall for a turquoise frost, and realize “Crap!  That’s only marginally lighter than Jinx!”

The packaging was cute, but I’m not a packaging fiend, and I found it painful opening and closing it.  So I said “Do I really have 20$ to put towards this, when there’s so many other fun things on my list?” and vowed to look again next time.

I finally gave in and tried Victorian Punk.  It’s a VERY striking eyeshadow, slightly deeper than a true “royal” purple, and with a vibrant shimmer/microglitter of mostly golden or olive tones.  This is a limited edition shade, with special packaging.  Honestly?  I prefer the normal packaging.  The limited edition shades come in a BRIGHT plastic case with something printed on it, and some scalloped textures.  It seriously looks like makeup you would give a five year old.  The product is AWESOME…. the packing is just HIDEOUS.  I found it difficult to open/close, and the little mirror inside really is too useless to deal with.  I’d rather have the top have a window to the color, and MAYBE put whatever pseudo-nostalgic print design on top, with the color peeping through.  It came with a cute organza bag, which I again have no use for.  There definitely WAS thought put into the presentation. I just don’t get the appeal.

The first thing I do with almost ANY shadow, or palette, when I get home is depot it though, so even though I gagged at the packaging, I decided it didn’t make a difference for my end use, since this is a color I Definitely DON’T have.

The color is LOVELY and pigmented.  For the most sparkle, pat it on, rather than swiping.  The purple itself has a slightly velvety finish-not matte, but not frosty or shimmery.  The sparkles can REALLY stand out in a beautiful way, and it is lovely to pair with other complex-finish shadows(I’m wearing it with Fyrinnae’s Meercat, for my first testing)  My biggest pet peeve is that it doesn’t really apply true-to-pan.  Even over my stickiest, most vibrant primers, it tends to take a more neutral gray note.  It’s still a gorgeous color, it’s just not the grand royal that it looks like it ought to be.  I may not get as much use out of it, because of that.  I like my BRIGHT purples, and rarely wear the more neutral shades.  It would be gorgeous for more neutral toned smoky eyes though.  One of these days, I’d like to use it on the lid, with MAC Shale on the inner corner, and a rich blue-black in the crease.  If anyone beats me to it on that look, please show me how it comes out!  I definitely want to play around with this shadow some more, to truly feel I know it.

Here’s additional packaging photos, and swatches!

These two are taken over bare skin, in indoor light, so the shimmer is muted.

These two were taken over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, in natural light, so the sparkle is more prevalent and true to pan.


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