Review: Sephora Ultra-Shine gloss in 41

May I recommend getting yourself to a Sephora?  They have a LOT on sale right now!  Lipglosses are 7$, in a variety of finishes, textures, glitters, opacity….  Plus, they have new Cream eyeliners in a GREAT color range(I’ll be reviewing three of them soon enough) for $10, and some of the eyeshadow sets are on sale.  I don’t have any of the eyeshadow sets, but I’ve heard that they redid their formula and they’re surprisingly workable, compared to the one I tried way back when.

Here’s just a quick review of the glittery pretty gloss I got, among other items!

I bought color 41-a very pretty pinky-coral with a blue-violet sparkle.  The finish reminded me a LOT of MAC Dazzleglasses-except much cheaper.

It’s slightly sticky, wears pretty well, and has a VERY delicate shine to it, from the sparkles.  The base shows through slightly more pink on lips, but it’s still a very natural, versatile color.  WELL worth $7.

I noticed it fading a bit around 2-3 hours, getting tacky around 3-4.  But it still wore off fairly naturally, no weird sinking into lip lines, depositing glitter in corners, etc.  So I’ll call that good!

My lips were bit dry after it came off, but I don’t blame that totally on the lip gloss.  It didn’t feel like a particularly moisturizing formula, but I think the majority of the damage comes from my avid dislike for tacky lips.  Anytime my lips feel tacky, I end up biting them and licking them a lot, which dries them out further!

Either way, I love this color, and it wore long enough before it hit that point, that it probably will be seeing a fair amount of use with looks that need a more natural flush lip.  There’s still a few other shades that have my attention that I may go back for.  We’ll see how that works out on my pocketbook.

Here’s product photos, and lip swatches!


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