Review: Sephora cream eyeliner in Bewitch me, Electric Teal, and The Deep End

So, while a large part of me pines for Buxom to release new shades of lashliner, the rest of me has moved on out of necessity. I’ve been looking for more shades of gel/cream liners lately, in bright shades, for detailing, unusual effects.

And Sephora read my mind! $10 each, a WIDE variety of shades, from BRIGHT periwinkle blue, to slate gray, and coppery bronze. The only shade I didn’t see is white. But this line is new, so maybe later?  I mean, LITERALLY new. I was at the store asking for bright cream liners three days ago, and yesterday, I walked in to discover this had hit shelves.

The formula itself varies.  The matte colors seemed to be a bit thicker, dryer.  The ones with pearl were varying shades of creamy.  All were VERY nicely pigmented, and glided on smoothly.

Here’s my colors!

Electric Teal-bright turquoise with a faint sparkly pearl.  This one was not quite as creamy as Bewitch Me, but still very pleasant to work with.  I found one thick application was enough for a bright color.

The Deep End- Rich, royal blue with a hint of periwinkle.  This has a velvety finish, with no visible glitter or pearl.  I found it showed up less than the shimmery shades, particularly applied over contrasting colors.  But nothing that another layer can’t fix.  And the color really is phenomenally lovely!  This was a bit thicker and less creamy than the pearly shades.  Still applied very easily though.

Bewitch Me-Beautiful, dusky metallic purple with a hint of reddish brown.  Do you have Urban Decays 24/7 liner in Rockstar?  Then you know what this looks like.  It’s even more opaque, dense, the shimmer comes through VERY nicely.  This shade was the creamiest of all of them-it has the consistency of whipped cream(approximately).

They all stayed very well on the waterline.  About 5 hours after applying Bewitch Me, I still have enough pigment on my waterline to give the impression of the liner being all there.  On the lashline, it hasn’t BUDGED.

It DOES take a little longer to dry than a gel liner, but not as long as most liquid liners.  Just be aware of it and don’t rush between eyes.  Once its set, it stays QUITE nicely.   Hours of gardening, walking around in the sun and sweating, eyes watering from dust, rubbing my face, I still have delectably opaque eyeliner wings.

For the price, it really IS a great product!  I think you might get slightly better staying power with MUFE Aqua creams, for the waterline, but it really IS neck and neck.  This applies easier for precise details than MUFE, with the right brush.  And with the range of colors, and the price, this is a great way to try deviating from your usual black liner.

Besides-10$ who can resist?  Urban Decay liquid liners are $18, MUFE Aqua creams are 22$….  Even drugstore liquid liners are 6-10$ for similar colors to some of the line(others, i have yet to see in a drugstore).  It really IS a very economical option for experimenting with a lot of shades and uses.

I’m so happy that Sephora has released these shades!  Between that, and their 7$ lipglosses on sale, my weekend was spent in Makeup-loverly brainstorming bliss.  There’s just something about this texture of liner that BEGS me to do tiger stripe eyeshadow, and Cirque Du Soleil style wings, or to paint bright 70s floral patterns all over my lips with a dramatic cateye…..

You get the point.  Hope you like these as much as I do!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 02:25:12

    I love the matte black one (must have) I couldn’t believe they were $10! I really want the Electric Teal one. Thx for this review 🙂


    • dolcearia
      Sep 12, 2010 @ 10:25:52

      It’s a GREAT deal, isnt it? I’ve found myself using them a LOT, anyways. I’d love it if they had a few more bright colors, a neon green, a white….. but it really is a pretty unique product for the price. Ten dollars, for pretty bright fun that is SO much more versatile to use? Count me in!


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