Review: MAC Mineralize blush in Gleeful

Today, I’m digging up another lovely piece from my stash, MAC Mineralize blush in Gleeful.  I already reviewed another blush in MAC’s Mineralize line-Gentle.  Most of the notes I put about the overall formula still stand, but I’ll probably reiterate a lot, for clarity’s sake.

MAC Gleeful is a beautiful plum red, with a hint of brick red.  It’s suitable for wear with warmer lips, or red lips.  It can be layered for a rich, opaque color, or in sheer coats for a very natural, warm flush.  There is a very subtle gold sparkle to it that I don’t notice, on the face.

The MAC Mineralize formula is nice for short-term needs-photography, quick outings, etc. but I don’t get very much time with it on my face.  Maybe 2-4 hours, with variance on what foundation I’ve used,   how much powder was used to set it, etc.  If you don’t mind touching it up when you’re out though, it’s a nice formula that can be blended away, reapplied, with minimal fuss or smearing.  I just hate carrying products and brushes with me.

Here’s product photos and swatches(Dense application, and blended down application)!

And here’s a shot of it on my face, for reference on its wearability!


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