Cargo Los Angeles eyeshadow palette

So, I still find myself playing with the colors from Cargo’s Dare to Play palette, and this looked like a nice one, in a similar vein.

Cargo can be found at JCPenney’s counters, or in-store Sephora sections, but it is no longer sold in freestanding sephora’s.  Cargo’s website also lists independent stores, and Ulta as retailers. I’m unsure of how much I trust Cargo’s websites accuracy, since they ALSO don’t have the Los Angeles palette listed among the rest of the series, along with other products of there’s that I KNOW are in the line(Cargo Dare to Play palette, Lash Activator duo set) It doesn’t look like it has been updated in a while.

Generally, my experiences with Cargo have been great.  Buttery, opaque shadows with a very soft sheen in the finish, complex notes that blend well with other brands shadows, and other color themes.

Los Angeles is a BEAUTIFUL palette, but it’s not quite what I hoped.

There are four colors in the Los Angeles palette.

Blue-  a brilliant sky blue with a hint of turquoise.  This shade was the most pigmented. It easily applied true-to-pan color.

Purple-a soft gray purple with a subtle frost.  This is the darkest of the colors.  It still takes some packing to get the purple to come through-in thinner coats, it emerges as a soft slate-lavender

Aqua-a soft aqua with a faint frosty sheen.  This looks bright in pan, but you have to pack it in to get true-to-pan color(or something resembling it)

White Gold-this reminded me of MAC’s Nylon, but less intense.  The gold pearl is a warm sunny tone that changes it to a pale yellow when applied, and the white base is very muted.

I was rather disappointed in the pigmentation of most of the shades.  The aqua and the purple both took packing to get a richer tone, and even then it faded VERY fast.  The blue and white gold were LOVELY, but not quite as vibrant and soft as the crease colors from the Dare to Play palette.

Still, for a 28$ palette it’s not bad at all.  That’s about $7 per color, so on par with a fancier drugstore brand. And it’s DEFINITELY better quality than that.  This is a nice option for trying slightly brighter looks, without committed to the EXTREME options in Cargo’s Dare to Play palette, or some of the shades marketed in Urban Decay’s palettes.  These shades all work together very cohesively, something I haven’t had as much luck with in the Urban Decay  palettes.  I feel like those are packaged so that they expect you to buy a few supplemental shades to have things to blend with.  The eye posted before the cut was made ONLY using colors from the los angeles palette.  Well, except for my highlight color.

Use the STICKIEST primer you can find with these, and you’ll have the best results.  Even so, they’re probably best used as “softeners” for dealing with other brighter tones, or blending over rich, dark primers.  Overall, it’s a very nice, soft shadow, that blends easily, and has a fairly uniform texture and finish.  So as a palette, it IS well put together.

My big pet peeve is that it faded VERY fast, even with various primers under it.  I mean, I’d pack the color on, apply something else, see it fading,  pack more color on, apply something else, see it fading again, pack more color on, finish face, see it fading again, pack more color on, walk downstairs, take pictures, look in mirror, and it’s ALREADY fading drastically still!  It makes it a pain working with shadows with longer staying power, since as it fades, it ruins the blending and colors.

I can deal with the colors being less pigmented, but it fades WAY too fast for me to consider it worth it, for my collection. I definitely found their Dare to Play palette to be MUCH better in practice!

The packaging is GORGEOUS.  It’s one of the few makeup palettes I actually haven’t depotted, upon getting home after buying it. Pretty cover, very sturdy, shadows set nicely in….  I’m surprised how much I liked it!  I’m actually sad to return it, because I will miss looking at it!  Plus, my inner collector HATES returning things.  This may be the first product in three years I’ve returned.

Here’s product photos and swatches!


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