neon fuchsia and purple

Yeah, I think I’m going to be obsessed by this color combination until WELL past the expiration date for me to wear it.

You’d never know it, but it took me three tries to get one that blended evenly.  Kept changing primers.  Plus, my lids are more watery and puffy than usual, owing to two days of migraines, and dog illness….(Seriously.  NEVER have an edible garden and a dog. I came to discover that he’s been sneaking away to eat my strawberries, and blueberries, to the point where he’s been sick the past two days, and we’re continually coming home to more doggy fluids to clean up.  Insert swearing here.)


Urban Decay Primer POtion

MUFE White aqua cream

Fyrinnae parental advisory-crease, outer lower lashline

Fyrinnae Sennyo-lower lid

Urban Decay Woodstock-inner corner, inner lower lashline

Urban Decay Stardust in Retrograde-blend above crease to soften

MAC gesso-highlight

Buxom lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashes

MUFE Aqua eyes in Black-lower waterline

Buxom mascara


MUFE cream blush #3.

LORAC Perfectly Lit-highlight


MAC Phlox

Fyrinnae Shangri La


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