Review:Urban Decay liquid liner in Minx

Before MUFE Aqua eyes, there was Urban Decay Liquid Liners.  I’ve had Minx for a year or so, and lusted after many other colors from the line.  I’m not sure quite when the unspoken law came about, that liquid liners should ONLY be in a few colors-but to this day, I can’t think of any real duplicate for this color, and a few of Urban Decay’s other standouts!

Minx is a luscious turquoise-not too green or too blue.  It has a shimmery sheen, but no real frost or glitter in the finish.  It stays put very well-I can wear it out in the garden drawn on my cheeks, rub my face and swear, and still have the fast majority of it in place.  Maybe a teensy smear or two if I’m sweating a LOT.  But it’s definitely up for most eyeliner tasks.

Admittedly, I prefer Black or dark blue liner, so I rarely use this for its intended purpose.  It’s remarkably well suited for artistic means, though, like drawing all over my face!  The brush is that nice, liquid liner brush that is easy for doing wings, detailing, so long as you don’t angle it too much and make the line too wide.

My biggest nitpick with this, like many of Urban Decay’s products, is the packaging. The bottle is cute, but I don’t think it makes it especially easy to get product out, and with the threads being inside the rim, when you insert your brush, if you’re careless(or tired, or drunk, or rushed), you may squash the brush, and get product in the threads.  That just seems wasteful and annoying.

The swatch is a random sketch, showing its maneuverability.  You may have also seen Minx making an appearance in my other reviews, noting a color number so I could distinguish it from other similar subtle colors after the fact.

And, in better lighting, on my face!


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