Review: MAC Dare to Wear lipglass in Ban This

I’ve been very excited to see MAC’s new Dare to Wear  collection-it’s supposedly inspired by Lady Gaga, and comprised mainly of matte, bright colors.  Right up my alley!

I did, however, talk myself out of buying most of it.  14.50$ for an eyeshadow I’ll just depot, in colors that I could get MORE product for marginally more price, from MUFE, or cheaper from Fyrinnae or SMH…..  Particularly since I’m not especially thrilled with the texture of MAC matte brights eyeshadow’s….  I prefer MUFE so much more!  It’s easier to get the pigmentation I expect.

Off topic.  At any rate, the ONE thing i couldn’t resist, was the new Dare to Wear Lipglass formula!  It’s nearly opaque, and VERY glittery.  I bought Ban This!, a rich purple-raspberry.

I have to admit to some frustration with MACs limited edition glosses.  I fell in LOVE with the Superglass collection, and love this one too.  It’s irritating rationing them out, and having to buy a bunch at once, because there aren’t ANY shades with that type of glitter and pigmentation in the permanent lineup.  Dazzleglasses don’t count.  They really are night and day to both of the lineups I’m talking about.

Anyways, I got about four hours wear on this, before the glitter felt gritty and itchy.  Before that, it was glossy, smooth, slightly sticky….  Comfortable to wear.  It wore down fairly evenly, with no spots obviously bald of pigment or glitter.  It just FELT uncomfortable.

It’s not totally opaque, so you may want a thicker coat to get straight-out-of-the-bottle color, but can definitely be worn thinner for a more accessible look.  It’s still not a lineup of colors for the faint of heart, and this one is particularly brave!

The color has enough warmth to it, that warmer undertones may be able to get good results, with the right color pairings.  On the whole though, I think this is probably more wearable for pink tones.  As you’ll see in my full face swatch, it kind of clashes with the warm makeup theme I had for the day.  At the same time, there IS enough warmth to it, that you may not want to go hogwild picking out all of your cold pinks, slate grays, lavenders.  A mix really is best.  Maybe the warm bronze eyes, and a cooler purple or plum blush like MAC Gentle?

Here’s lip swatches and full face!

Please ignore the wear on my makeup.  It was at the end of a long day, RIGHT before removal.  So my foundation is quite smeared, and I hadn’t been paying attention to smudging my eyeshadow.  You can still see that it looks more purple than in the close up shots.

Yep, definitely not an every-day color.  I think a  lot of makeup nerds I know will find the texture kind of tacky, and a lot of others will be amused at its intensity.  It really does come down to personal preference.  I like it.  The brighter, the glittery, the more over the top, the more I can’t wait to find a use for it!


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