Review: Tarte lip stain(Original) in Moody

There’s technically two parts to this review.  I am reviewing one color in the original finish, and one in the matte finish.

This is Moody, from Tarte’s original Lip Stain collection.

The original finish for Tarte’s popular lip stains is a fairly shimmery, sheer wash. It’s very flattering, though I don’t care for it on my dry/bitten/damaged lips.  I try to avoid that much shimmer in my lipsticks. That said, particularly if you have thinner lips, and are interested in the plumping attributes of this product, this may be a great fit!  Pale colors and shimmer can make your lips seem plumper, more contoured(But you knew that already, I’m sure).  Plus, both finishes have supposedly strong plumping technology, without the nasty sting  like Lip Venom, or some other strong plumpers.  The Lipsurgence technology is supposed to increase the moisture content more with regular use.  I mainly add that to give a context for my next statement; that my lips look fuller, but no more than can be attributed to the color/texture/finish.  This is NOT an “instant fix” like aforementioned Lip Venom.  I doubt I’ll use it regularly enough to be able to review the long term results, since I can’t wear makeup at work, and even the nude shades are vibrant enough to be something more than “no-makeup natural”.

I do really like the way it wears, though.  It feels nice, and thick like a chapstick.  Doesn’t stick, or slide around.  The peppermint smell and taste is a bit much at first, but it fades after about 10 minutes on.  It’s a natural aroma, not a processed menthol taste like Carmex.  So it could be MUCH worse.

For purchasing the full size, I think I’d have to narrow it down to extraordinary shades.  At $24 each, these are pricier than a lot of lipsticks that could give a similar effect, though perhaps not if you shop VERY high end brands.  Still, I think I’d want to carefully double check shades with the colors from MAC(another company whose matte lipstick is decent on my lips)  and make sure there weren’t color duplicates right off, for half the prices.  It’s a great product, but I’m not sure how much use I would get out of it, to merit the price tag.  If you routinely wear vintage  glamor makeup, it may be worth investing in a classic red shade from the matte line, since this is DEFINITELY a nice formula for regular/long term use.  Even picking out a neutral shade for daily wear from the originals, might be nice too, for daytime or professional looks.  I just don’t know that I’d stretch so far as to say that I’d love EVERY color, eventually.


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