Review:MAC Blush in Prism

If you are in the NC/NW 15-20 range in foundation, and you ask your local MAC representative to get you a contour color, chances are this is what they will show you.

Apologies for my cracked, and re-pressed specimen.

Prism is a matte peachy brown blush that can be used for some bronzing/facial contouring for fair skin types. I rarely use it for anything other than cheeks, because it’s STILL too dark to be a viable contour for my skin elsewhere.

Even on cheeks, I wear it applied, and then buffed down a LOT.  At risk of becoming redundant, I have skin that is slightly paler than MAC NC 15 foundation, with neutral undertones.  Prism is NOT a terribly forgiving color on skin that pale!  It’s QUITE pigmented, and can look unnaturally dark and brown, if you aren’t careful.

I use this fairly regularly for cheek contours, but very rarely on its own.  The color is just slightly too dark a  brown to look natural on me, unless its buffed fairly far down.  I prefer the rosier tones of MAC’s Brit Wit for a lot of the neutral looks that this would match.

It’s a very versatile color, though, for daily looks, or bronze smoky looks.  I’d definitely recommend trying it in store first, if you’re paler than a MAC 20.

MAC Blushes get considerably better wear than the blushes from their mineralize line, in my experience.  I still notice the tint 4-5 hours after application, and it will have barely faded or moved.

Here’s swatches!

And one of it on my face!


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