Electric Hippie

With optional experimental detailing that I had issues photographing.  Screw you, glitter!  The detailing and bright colors are kind of where i brainstormed the name.  Originally, i wanted slightly different detailing, and it would have been the “cross hatched hippie”.  Hooray for alliteration.

And the detailing!

My favorite part is the lips.  You may have to magnify the image to see the amount of detail, but there is a LOT of depth and contour to the glitter! I love it!


UD Primer Potion

MUFE Aqua cream in White

MAC Atlantic blue-crease

MAC Electric Eel-above crease

Fyrinnae Javan Rhino-use a  TEENY amount to blend crease colors together!

MAC Gesso-highlight

Urban Decay Flash-outer corner, outer lower lashline

MUFE Lavender #9-by Flash on outer half

MUFE Fuchsia #26-by Lavender, towards  inner corner

MAC Swish-inner corner, inner lower lashline

Sephora cream liner in The Deep End-lower waterline

Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette-upper lashline

Buxom mascara


MUFE #13-outer part of apple

MAC Prism-contour

MAC Cream color in Pearl-highlight, into inner part of apple, near nose


MUFE Aqua cream in Fresh Pink

MUFE Flash cream in Silver-pat a small amount into theinner portion of lips, blending outward

MAC Superglass in Sweet Tart

Optional experimental detailing-draw straight lines down the lid with an eyeliner brush, using Mehron metallic powder and mixing medium.  Go over with MUFE Silver flash cream and tap silver body glitter over top to set.


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