Review: Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in 18

So, this was definitely a splurge.  I can’t decide of I was more ashamed, or my boyfriend more amused, to see that I had fallen in love with a 30$ lipgloss formula.  I think I just about had a heart attack when the associate showed it to me and said “those gold flecks are 24K GOLD!”  How…. Decadent!….

There’s one or two other colors in the line that I love, and want eventually, but I started with shade 18, a sheer, cool, lilac.

So, this is not a particularly pigmented gloss, unlike some of the others in the formula.  I like the color though, for a cool-toned nude. It suits me and my natural lip color, I think. Nice, sturdy packaging, though the gold shows fingerprints a bit.

YSL gave a decent amount of product, on par with some other expensive lipgloss lines.  The brush is a bit stiff, so you can tap it into the cupids bow without a separate brush.  It doesn’t remove much product-I ended up dipping twice to get a nice coat on my lips.  Make sure you hold it straight when you remove it, otherwise, the brush will pull out a bit of product, to drop to the counter.  That’s just a tragic waste.

I got about 3 hours wear before I noticed it was rubbing away.  The glitter seemed to stay in place pretty well, and my lips didn’t feel dry or itchy.  It had a mild fruity fragrance/taste. I can’t quite place it-I want to say it was some kind of berry, maybe with a tropical note?  Either way, it was soft, pleasant, and tasted gentle on the lips.

It was delightfully non-sticky, never migrated into fine lines, and really made my lips look delightfully plump, and glossy!  Not pout-y, and cracked, as is their usual impression.

I’ll probably end up rationing this to wear over other lipsticks on special occasions.  I LOVE it, but i can’t get over the cost, and luxury of it.
Before I unveil lip swatches, let me BEG you to enlarge the picture.  You can’t get the full glamour of the finish without seeing the gold sparkle up close.  Disclaimer ahead, prepare to be wowed!


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