Review: Sinful Colors nail polish in 370

I think the color is named “Bleeding Heart”, but they have a typo and it actually reads “Bleending Heart”.  There is a part of me that laughs raucously every time  a company releases a product with an error this painfully OBVIOUS.

I don’t plan on doing Nails very often-mine are bitten and short, and hideous, and I can’t wear extravagant art with my dress code at work.  So I usually end up with a fairly utilitarian color of taupe, red, or maybe a plum.

I like this color, because I CAN wear it at work, and it’s surprisingly easy to apply for 1.99$ nail polish!  No streaks, mostly opaque in one coat, deeper color in two, true to bottle color in three.  The drying time is about average, though I thought it dried fairly quick.

Bleeding Heart is a bright, true red. It’s pretty neutral.  With one coat, it leans  coral or orange, but with two coats, it turns to a bright, pure blue-red-the perfect match to my MAC Brave Red lipstick!

Sinful colors have a WIDE range of shades, though the formula really varies from color to color.  I have a few of their shades, with micro-shimmer, that apply very streaky, and need a MINIMUM of 3 coats to look reasonably opaque.

I was just  impressed with this shades smoothness and opacity!  It’s a great, low maintenance classic red.


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