Review: NARS Duo in Rated R

I’ve had a fairly love-hate relationship with NARS products in the past.  The colors are gorgeous, great quality, very highly recommended-but I’ve HATED the ones I own.  I know the pigmentation on their eyeshadows in particular are spotty.  I think I finally gave the color I had away, because it was so frustrating trying to use it.

I’m giving them a try, though, since there were a few duo’s I fell in love with.  Some of the colors are REALLY gorgeous and unique!

Like Rated R.

Rated R has two colors-a rich sparkly chartreuse, and a slightly frosty blue with a hint of periwinkle.

Both are VERY pigmented, apply smoothly, don’t smudge or crease(with a standard primer).  This palette is wild enough that I wouldn’t wear them both on their own-I like a aqua or green to blend them out with.  But both are colors that are different from any of the brights in my collection.  It’s not the most accessible way to dabble with bright colors, but if you’re already a fan, it’s a nice supplement!

The Eyeshadow Duo’s are a better value than their single shadows-you get two colors for a little bit more(The Single pans are 23$, and the Duo is 32$).  The pans are HUGE and have way more product than you’re likely to use.  So I think it’s a much better use of money, for colors that you’re unlikely to hit pan on.  There’s only a few of my MAC Colors I’ve hit pan on, and those are half the size of the NARS singles!  It’s far more product than you really will use.

The packaging has always been a favorite-it’s a matte black with a rubbery texture.  I NEVER have issues opening it, or worry about putting my finger in the product while trying to get it open.  That’s pretty impressive since I’m a natural clutz, and have hand issues that have made me a lot more sensitive to that type of thing.  I hold my breathe opening foundation compacts, and Cargo eyeshadow palettes.  At any rate, NARS packaging is sturdy, doesn’t show fingerprints or wear very much, and is pretty utilitarian.

Here’s product photos and swatches.


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