Review: Sephora Atomic Volume mascara

I got a sample of this, recently, and it took me a while to try it.  I’m a bit of a mascara fanatic, and my lashes have been in a state of transition lately.  After trying a variety  of brushes, I’ve come to the conclusion that plastic/elasticky bristles are the ambrosia of my lashes.  My top  mascaras right now ALL have this type of bristles.

The Atomic Volume brush has totally synthetic rubbery bristles, uniform length and spacing, very thin, for better separating. The bristles REALLY grab on.  It does thicken lashes very nicely, though I had some issues with it clumping lashes together.  I love the intense, opaque black, and with one coat, I got nice results(After separating clumps out)

After about six hours wear, I noticed a VERY faint shadow of mascara-dust beneath my eyes, but other than that, it looked exactly the same.  So the wear is a little shorter, but comparable to my usual mid-high end favorites.

I think I still prefer my buxom lash, and exceptionnel de chanel mascaras(For dramatic, and natural looks, respectively), but this is a pretty nice all purpose mascara.  It doesn’t layer very well, but one coat gives VERY noticeably thickened lashes.  You REALLY need to use a primer though, to prevent it from combing them together. I took photos with primer, and without, and there is a HUGE difference in results!

With primer(Lancome CILS booster)

Without primer.

My big deal-breaker with this mascara, was the removal.  It took a LOT of rubbing to remove, came off in weird clumps, and weird clumps stayed in the lashes, towards the base, where I REALLY didn’t want to be rough. I used a few different removers-it took roughly three different removal and rinses to get my lashes to the point where there were no solid clumps, and I STILL had Raccoon eye an hour or so after.  It was absolutely absurd, how painful the process was!  I’ve worked with fiber mascaras that also came off in clumps-but those are no where near as stubborn to remove!  These were actual solid plasticky feeling lumps where the mascara on a few lashes had melted together, after applying remover.

For $15 a tube, I’d recommend skipping it, and shelling out for Buxom lash at 18$ a tube.  The results are more uniform, the removal is easier, you have more control over the coverage and effect you want, it wears longer…..  Pretty much trounces this in every way!  I’ve seen worse mascaras, and it’s still far better for my lash type(long, pretty thick) than more conventional bristle shapes, but I don’t think this is the best option for that price range.


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