China Doll Redux

It’s not as well thought out as the first time I toyed with this look. In the end, I guess I’m just not thrilled with the harsh black and white and red on me.  Some of the eye shots and full faces made it look a LOT like the style of cut-crease Lady Gaga always wears, which is odd to me.  Oh well, could be worse.  Oh wait, it IS.  Don’t enlarge the closeup of my closed eye, or you’ll see the patchy horror that happens when you layer MUFE White Aqua cream too fast.  @#$@#$#@%^&#%!

Got a new camera though, so I’ll probably be posting a second look, with shots from the new camera, so i can kind of get a sense for how the new camera handles stuff!


MUFE White Aqua cream

MAC Gesso-highlight, and lower lid

UD Gunsmoke-crease, not extending into outer corner, lower lashlne

MAC Carbon-blend over outer edge of Gunsmoke

Sephora White eyeliner-lower waterline

Buxom mascara

Buxom lashliner in Leatherette-THINLY line upper lashes.


MUFE Cream blush #13-use just a touch along the cheekbones, not extending into apple


MUFE Flash cream in Brown-apply, and then blot off

MAC Dubonnet-apply over top

Fyrinnae Acidic Cherry lip lustre-brush over outer part of lips, blending inward

MAC Explicit Lipglass-put a dollop in the center of hte lower lip and blend outwards, for a shiny highlight


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