Costume Tartan patterned makeup

Properly subtitled “MUFE Aqua creams make me happy inside”.

Or maybe “Well, at least I didn’t pick Tie Dye!”

The lips look better up close, since I used an asymmetrical pattern.

But the eyes aren’t bad either.


MUFE Aqua creamin Red-lower lid

SMH Flare for the Dramatic-apply over MUFE AQua cream on lower lid

Fyrinnae Forbidden Lover-crease

UD Crash-lightly blend above crease to soften

MAC Gesso-highlight

Buxom mascara

Buxom lashliner in leatherette-line upper lashline, winging out along outer corner.  Make a paralell wing slightly lower, and connect it to lower lashline. Line lower waterline

MUFE Aqua cream in White-fill in in between eyeliner wings, and pat a little on the inner lower lashline


MUFE Aqua cream red

MUFE Aqua cream white-highlight


MUFE Aqua cream red-fill in lips

With a narrow lip brush, sketch in vertical lines in black and white(I started in the center and worked outward.  The overall pattern, reading left to right is black white black , black black black, black white black, and then one more black one to blend in at other corner. Put a space in between the line sets, about equal to to the line sets. Next, do horizontal lines. I started from the bottom. black black black on the lower lip, white midway up the top lip, and a hint of a black line at the upper cupids bow where the next repetition would start.


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