Review: NARS lipstick in Cruising

This may be my perfect nude rose.

So this month I’ve been rethinking my dislike of NARS cosmetics.

This is the first lipstick of theirs I’ve tried, and I LOVE it.

Cruising is an impeccable dusky rose. It’s slightly darker than a nude tone, but the pink shows up slightly deeper than the standard nude.  So it’s RIGHT up my alley!

It feels smooth on, lasts for a good four hours, and doesn’t feel dry as it fades.  There’s a faint  citrus-y scent when you first apply it, that fades soon.  It smells like some sort of either bergamot, or lemongrass, not a harsh, true lemon, to me.  I like it, because more natural citrus smells usually pep me up a bit.  And it’s a subtle enough smell that works well if i’m getting dressed up and wearing a fragrance.  There’s nothing clashing, like some of the more sweet smells sometimes can.

It’s not completely opaque on me, but it does provide a good amount of color.  There’s a slightly glossy sheen, but not anything terribly noticable. Just…. glowy….  it covers my imperfections to an extent, though in closeups I do notice some of the more uneven patches showing through.  From normal viewing distance, it looks lovely though!

And full face, for perspective!  It’s just a shade darker than MAC Hue-my current Go-To pinky nude


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