Review: Ole Henriksen Day Cream spf 15

I am always happy to try new things, even when I probably SHOULD be sticking with the things that I KNOW work.  Especially as far as moisturizers go.  my Clinique Dramatically Different has done wonders, without causing breakouts.  Shouldn’t I be happy with that?  But how can I RESIST trying samples of whatever happens to be around when I buy a lot of makeup. I’m just not that strong of a person!

I waffled back and forth on whether I COULD do a full review of this.  I used it for nearly a week, and noticed so many more skin issues that I decided to cut my losses, and give up.  I wanted to love this very badly, I’m in love with the chamomile smell!  And I may well end up using it on my hands, just to enjoy that smell. But a nice smell isn’t worth painful breakouts and inflammations, and itchy-tingly-redness.

This is a bit stickier than I like in a moisturizer-it was shiny, and seemed to leave a tacky residue that lasted all day.  I didn’t care for that, but it wasn’t noticeable after foundation application.

There’s a noticeable chamomile-tea smell to it, that I found relaxing.  It lingers a good amount, but isn’t overpowering.  But then, I love to grow fresh chamomile, and herbs, and boil them in water and stick my face over it with a wet rag to help hold in the steam.  Fresh, herbal smells, and tea, are fundamentally quite soothing for me.

I noticed, right from day one, that after applying this, my skin felt slightly puffy, red, and was itchy/sore to the touch, all day.  By day three, I was noticing bitty red inflammations, not quite zits, all over my cheekbones and jawline.  By day five, I had developed a few zits so large I swore it must be that time of month. I finally conceded that it didn’t seem to be a hormonal thing, and stopped using the Day Cream, to try to let the blemishes heal.  After I stopped using it, I had a few small irritations surface, but no more major blemishes.  And all but the major blemishes DID fade within a day or two of that.

So, if you have oily skin, or sensitive skin, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t recommend this.  It’s fairly expensive(35$ for a jar about half the size of my Clinique Dramatically Different, which is cheaper).  It might work better for drier skin types, but I think the residue and shine would still be drawbacks to consider.


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