Review: Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Demolition

I’m sorry for the VERY bad product photos.  I’ve had this one awhile, and it’s beginning to look well loved.

If I hadn’t fallen in love with Buxom Lashliner around the same time that I got this, I might have raved about Ink for Eyes before.  It’s a GREAT gel eyeliner formula-stays put with no smudging, once its set, beautiful pigmentation, and this particular shade is a favorite.

Demolition is a rich brown.  It has a few reddish tones to it, but it reads as a cool, chocolatey brown.  It’s PERFECT for neutral smoky eyes, or just lightly smudging around the lashline with barely there makeup looks, for definition.  it’s thick and opaque enough that you can easily do more decorative liner wings and such with it, if you choose.  The color is just perfectly suited for occasions when black would be too harsh, though.

It comes with a double ended brush.  One end is an angled eyeliner brush, the other is a teeny round smudger.  Very utilitarian, and effective.  Right up until I bought a spare liner brush, this was my favorite one.  Between the shape, and the thin-ness, it is PERFECT for really precise work.  Having the wand on the other end just cuts valuable rummage time, where you need to get to your smudger BEFORE it sets.

My big issue with this product is the packaging.  Although it’s nice having a brush in it, the mirror is too narrow to be REALLY effective, and having the product in that very long pan exposes far  more of it to air.  That decreases the shelf life a LOT.

The formula itself is rather creamy, and dries out FAST, in that pan.  I keep trying to get up the courage to depot it into something more utilitarian, before it’s totally ruined.  This has been the dealbreaker that has kept me from buying other colors from this set. I use Black nearly every day, but this sees use maybe a few times a month.  Why spend 22$ on something that will dry out in about half the time it takes a comparable formula in a more normal, airtight packaging to dry out?   Sephora cream liner is 10, and Buzom lashliner is 15—but are just as good as this, but last MUCH longer before getting dried out.

This is not hte first time I’ve had this pet peeve with Urban Decay.  They have Gorgeous products, but oftentimes the packing is so VERY wasteful/difficult/badly designed, that it really turns me off the product.  If you buy UD Primer Potion(Or even get a sample bottle with a palette) it’s in a curve tube that eats up 2/3 of the product, unless you cut it open and remove it to a different container.  The lipsticks have a weird “dagger” detail on the handle that will punch through pockets, make it difficult to arrange them with your collection, and cause wear on the lining of your purse.  The cardboard Book of Shadows packaging, with a pullout drawer, has always felt cheap, the drawer always gets stuck, and even though the colors are worth it, I never can believe I paid 50$ for something in THAT packaging.  I depotted all the shadows, and have gotten ten times the use out of them since then.  Not having to wiggle that drawer out, being able to hold the product close to me while I lean into the mirror and apply it, etc…..  Is just a dream come true.

I’m not sure WHY, but almost ALL of Urban Decay’s packaging has felt irritating to me.  There’s a few palettes that have a more utilitarian design, that I like, but for the most part, their shadow singles, and delux shadows are the only ones with a more “normal” packaging.  It’s just unfortunate that, in Ink for Eyes case, it REALLY damages the products shelf life.

Here’s product photos, and swatches!


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