Tutorial: rhapsody in blue

If you wish, the original post is here. I know not all of us like following step-by-step things.

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Here’s all the products used, side by side!

Eye products and brushes

(clockwise from Left) Buxom mascara, MAC Vanilla, MAC Electric Eel, UD Shattered, UD Goddess, MAC Atlantic Blue, Buxom Lashliner in Blue Velvet, MAC Bare Canvas, Japonesque brushes(from a kit, no numbers) Sephora eyeliner brush, Maybelline Define-a-brow in Light Brown

Facial products

CoverFX Foundation in E20, MAC Studio Fix foundation in NC 15, MAC Brit Wit cream blush, Fyrinnae Ryo Pinko lip lustre, and Stila Longwear lipcolor in Coquette(In the sample container-I haven’t been back to sephora to purchase the full size yet!  Curse you, long distance!)

Step one.  finish your brows.  I used Maybelline Define-a-brow in Light Brown, but I’m sure you have your own favorites.  For now, let’s just pretend I’m not wearing leftover mascara from work.

Step 2.  Apply MUFE Aqua cream in Turquoise to lower lid, blending upward towards crease.  Don’t worry about making it terribly smooth or opaque at this point.  You can use a natural bristle brush(for concealer), or your fingers.  I used my fingers, since the brush I wanted was dirty, and I’m likely to sanitize it later anyways.(Somewhat germophobic.)

Step 3-Apply MAC Bare Canvas to brow bone, blending over top part of  aqua to soften. This should give you a reasonably smooth canvas for our eyeshadow!

With MAC Atlantic Blue on your fluffy all-over brush, lightly swipe in crease, blending inwards. Don’t worry about making the color terribly opaque–I like to swipe it in light, so i can make sure both eyes are even, and the other colors are in place, and then darken it up later.

Wipe your all-over brush clean on a paper towel to remove excess pigment(I don’t have enough brushes to use completely different ones in a look)  Apply MAC Electric Eel to outer half of lower lid, over your turquoise base.

Wipe your brush clean again, then blend UD Shattered to the inner corner of lid.

Apply MAC Vanilla to browbone, for a highlight.

Time to touch up our colors!  Pat on as needed to increase the depth of Atlantic Blue, Electric Eel, and Shattered.  Pat Shattered over the seam between it and electric blue, to soften the difference in finishes.

LIGHTLY blend Vanilla over top edge of Atlantic Blue, to soften crease.

Using a small, dense crease brush, fill Shattered in on inner lower lashline.

Clean off that small brush, and apply Goddess to outer lower lashline, blending inwards, and just at the top corner of the upper lashline, between Atlantic Blue and Electric Eel, for a bit of depth.

Next, we line the lashes! Don’t just slap some product on your brush and go.  A little time smoothing it out now will mean few smudges later!  I sometimes use the inside cap of the gel eyeliner container, to swipe the brush in the product, and blend it a few times  to distribute it evenly across bristles.

Using Buxom Lashliner in Blue Velvet, define the outer corner of your upper lid.

Using small strokes, fill in towards the inner corner.

Where the lashes thin out, open your eye, and define the inner corner in gentle pats(to avoid it tugging, or being too harsh).  If it’s a little uneven, you can smudge it to smooth it out.

Next, line the waterline.  I used Blue Velvet again, lightly tapping the brush against the base of the lashes, and VERY lightly pulling the color into the waterline.

Next, we apply mascara!  I swear by Buxom mascara, but you can use your own favorite.

Double check your blending, turn your head, make sure the contours are even from eye to eye. If needed, touch it up.  Do this NOW, before we finish the skin.  Otherwise, you may have a harder time with fallout stains.  If its all even, you can lightly use your bronzer brush to fluff off any fallout, and lightly swipe makeup remover below the eyes, if needed.

Now, looking at this up close, I decided that the falloff of my lower lashline is a bit lower than I’d like.  When we move on to concealer we’ll fix that. There’s some redness below my eyes I’d like to take care of anyways.

Using the tiny foundation brush from my japonesque kit, I apply a little bit of my concealer of choice(MAC NC 15 studio fix foundation) below my eyes.  Keep the bulk of it away from the deposits of color on your lash line.

Using a patting motion, smooth the concealer up into the edge of the lash line color.  DON”T SWIPE or you’ll stain the brush, and get a HARSH falloff, rather than a gentler one.

Finished!  Lightly swipe powder over it to set. If you’re using a liquid foundation, opt for clear.  I used the Cover FX powder that will be on the rest of my face.

Next, we apply foundation to teh rest of the skin.  I’m using a powder, so I don’t need additional steps setting liquids, etc.  I used a Sephora 42 angle brush to get my foundation in the tight areas around the eyes, and the SEphora 44 Bronzer brush to apply it to the larger areas of my cheeks, forehead, etc.

Yay for mask-face!  Lets do the cheeks.  Using your Sephora 42 brush, lightly swipe across MAC Brit Wit two or three times, and blend over cheekbones, into temple, in circular motion.

Well, that’s a bit better.  If needed, you can add more color, or buff out color with the bronzer brush, if you apply too much.  I’m pale, so i don’t need a lot.

The lips are still WAY off though.  Apply Coquette with the lip brush from the japonesque kit(or your preferred one)

It looks a little flat, doesn’t it?  Add a dollop of your Ryo Pinko to the center of your top and bottom lip.

The color is faintly darker, but it has frost.  We want that shine concentrated in the center of the lip, to make it appear larger.  Fine tune the blending with your lip brush, lightly pulling the gloss outward.

All done! I’m sure I made this whole endeavor sound more difficult than it was!  But wasn’t that worth it?


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