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Been tweaking things, and remembering that we’re nearing a year of me toying with this blog.  Got some items for a giveaway, just not sure of the best time to do it.  In the meantime, I finally gritted my teeth and set up a twitter for the blog.  I don’t understand the concept of twitter. It bores me a bit.  But this way I can remind people about sales, before I have time to fully review the item!  Right now, it takes anywhere from a week, to a month to test and review an item, depending if I got it online.  So obviously an item I find for sale cheap will be LONG gone by then.



Review: MUFE Star powder # 916

I freely admit.  The only other Star Powder I’ve liked the color enough to purchase is the Fuchsia one, and it’s one of my favorite pinks ever.  I really liked this color too, but it took me a while to get it, since I didn’t know how much use I could get out of a blush pink, with yellow sparkle.


smoky periwinkle

Sigh. This one did NOT photograph well at all.  I tried editing it a few ways to get it closer, but results were mixed. I hate photographing blue/purple/periwinkle makeup. The makeup just changes color SO much in the light, I don’t feel like any of the edits really misrepresent the color, though some are brighter than others. It’s weird.  And I LOVE purple lips.


Review: MUFE Rouge Artist intense lipstick in #15

I am obsessed with purple lipsticks.  I’m sure that’s obvious by now.


pale rosy cat-eye

Eh, uninspired.  Testing Vex, but the pictures aren’t great. It’s bad lighting today, and I’m still a bit shaky.  I gave up trying to remove the fallout from the UD pigment I was also testing.  I think I may have to designate that stuff only usable for cheek highlight/decolletage.  I don’t know what possessed them to design the applicator the way it is.  Oh well, at least I got it on sale for $5.  I really ought to slap myself for the shaky, uneven liner.


Review: Bella Pierre mineral shadow in Twilight

This color is a washed out sunny yellow with a lot of mineral sparkle.  I like the color, but I definitely would say it’s NOT unique to the brand, and you can get better customer service from other brands.  Also, I HATE pushy salespeople.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve  been in sales, I KNOW how frustrating it is.  I don’t mind trying new things, and the salesman sold it to me for half price(Colors are supposed to be 19$ singly, or 3 for 30$) so I don’t feel too bad about buying it.  But I do feel like mineral makeup salespeople, particularly, are full of crazy amounts of misinformation and hyperbole, even when confronted full on.


deep purple with metallic blue

Eh, couldn’t think of what to name this.  I think I’m in LOVE with my new MUFE 92 shadow.  Best. Purple. EVER.

I wanted some contrast with the rich matte purple, so I used UD shadows with shimmer on the lower lid to give it some depth.


warm bronze vintage

The cateye is a little subtler, because i used a gel liner with a more sheer texture.  So you have the effect of the contour, but not the harshess of a liquid, or totally opaque gel.  I had a fairly dramatic vintage dress, and corset I wanted to wear, so I tried to keep the makeup fairly quiet, but still in the period style.


Review: Yves Saint Laurent Golden gloss in 14

I’m in love.  Remember my review of YSL Golden Gloss, in Lavender?  I gave in and bought the deep plum one I’d been eyeing, after seeing how beautifully it layers with deep, bright lipsticks.


fawn smoky eye

For some reason, I sort of liked the HORRENDOUSLY RIDICULOUS TO REMOVE fallout from the UD loose pigment I was testing.  It looked like snowflakes in the trees,  spots on a deer, maybe fairies crying in the wintertime.

Or maybe just a sign of the worst packaging I’ve seen since I pitched the shredded UD Primer Genie bottles in the trash after ripping them apart for the product within.

At any rate, it would NOT clean off, so I said “screw it”, and took pictures in ALL its messy glory, to make sure I have one to include when I review the little jerk.  Seriously.  This is the BEST I got it to look, after wearing at pictures, trying to remove more, taking more pictures, swearing some more, etc.

All of the eye products are Urban Decay, most of the shadows are from the Naked Palette.


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