Review: Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow, in Retrograde

Back when UD released the Stardust shadows, I saw swatches on Temptalia, and was not impressed. It looked like little payoff for the extra cost on the already-pricey shadows.  Unlike UD’s NORMAL eye shadows, which are loved for their pigmentation, these are quite sheer, with a prominent sparkle.

I got a sample of retrograde, and tried it in a few looks…. I was less than thrilled. It did NOT apply evenly, and the glitter didn’t stick over any primer but Pixie Epoxy. I liked that the tone was sheer enough to use to blend out more dramatic smoky looks, but that is NOT worth 20$ to me.

I have a love-hate feeling with a lot of UD’s products.  Normally, my issues are with their packaging.  But I’ve never really had any nitpicks with the quality of pigmentation of their shadows, except for a few glittery shades that are a MESS to work with, due to fallout, poor pigmentation, etc.

This packaging didn’t bother me too much, handling it in store, although there were moments when I either couldn’t get it open, or could imagine something bumping it in my makeup bag, and popping it open.  I don’t have pictures, but the packaging has the shadow with a  clear plastic cover, and two rubber bumpers on the side.  You squeeze  the bumpers to release the top.  Sometimes, your finger covers the catch too much and it doesn’t open. And sometimes, you bump it and it pops open.

I’m definitely glad I got to try Retrograde, but it has really set it firm in my mind that I don’t want to actually buy  a full size.  It was far too difficult to work with, for the effects that could eventually be gotten from it.  I think I’ll save my money for Urban Decays Book of Shadows 3, or Naked Palette instead.  There were only two colors that really had my attention anyways.

Here’s swatches, and photos of the (far more utilitarian-ly packaged)  sample!


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