Review: Lancome CILS Booster lash primer

Lash primer has been one of those things I never thought I had use for. I tried a REALLY horrible UD set that has now been discontinued(Lingerie and Galoshes), and never planned to try any others.

A few weeks into my trial of the Cargo Lash Activator system, and I decided that maybe I should give primer another thought.  My lashes were ferociously long, but I was having more lash shedding, and they felt thin, fragile.  The new growth had taken off nicely, but didn’t feel  like it really had the internal structure to sustain it. Plus,the lashes were now thick enough to make mascara application VERY difficult-one coat, and I’d have fried-barbie-hair lashes.   I purchased this for its conditioning properties, hoping that would help with the apparent fragility and help with mascara application over top.

Maybe it’s all in my head, but it DID seem to!  My lashes feel springier and softer, and my mascara looks smoother.It DOES clump a fair bit if you let it dry before applying mascara-the brush dispenses way too much product, but if you use a few more brushstrokes for the mascara over top, it helps.  For the most natural results though, separate clumps out of your primed lashes before applying mascara.

It goes on white,  but dries clear.  I didn’t notice it shortening the wear of my mascara over it, or flaking off on its own.

Here’s Buxom mascara over top, thickly, to smooth out clumps in primer.(applied while the primer is wet)(bear in mind that these pictures were taken earlier in the lash activator process, so they aren’t as long, and thick, as some of the ones toward the end of this post)

And here’s Buxom applied after it dries.

And here is Buxom, and primer, separating the worst of the over applied primer out before using mascara

For comparison, here’s Buxom mascara, with NO primer.  Lashes are still quite long and dense, but the individual hairs look a lot thinner, and more fragile.

I’m quite relieved to have picked this up right off.  At $22, it’s priced in line with other primers from similar lines(Dior released a new one, that is 26$.)  And for the effects, I consider it well worth the money!  My lashes feel so much less fragile, and I love the drama it adds to lashes.

After all that, here’s product photos!


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