Review: Buxom cream eyeshadow

There’s a large part of me that is a loyal one-brand girl.  Once I find a product I like, I want to see if the brand uses that quality everywhere else!  I’ve LOVED Buxom lashliner, and Buxom mascara, and was excited to hear they were getting ready to release cream eyeshadows.

I got three colors, that were the most unique(or at least different from my collection of cream bases)

Shih Tzu-a light chartreuse with gold shimmer and a deeper green note in the base.  This builds up nicely-one coat leans gold, two coats adds in more green

Schnauzer-a rich merlot, with a multicolor sparkle.  It has a fairly sheer tone, and most of the color is imparted in the sparkle.  It can be layered for extra richness.

Saint Bernard-a light teal midway between aqua and turquoise.  It has a multicolored sparkle and applies sheerly.

These are VERY fluffy and creamy, and blend evenly on the lid.  I had  a lot of issues with them creasing.  Shadow over top helped them stay slightly better,  but bare, they tended to move around an absurd amount.  Even in the time it took to apply my makeup over top they’d fade!  Oily lids BEWARE.  I don’t think mine are particularly oily, but I guess that they’re too oily for this product.

On the one hand, these are a bit more accessible than my holy grail of eyeshadow bases-MUFE Aqua creams.  But they don’t have quite as nice vibrancy.  And the wear was not even COMPARABLE, on me anyways.

There’s a nice variety of shades though-a few brighter tones that are sheer enough for daily use, a number of neutrals, and deeper tones for smoky eyes…. It really is a nice way to approach it.  All of the colors are named after dog breeds.  Honestly, that seems odd to me, but it’s carried through with their ad slogans (EG “Look at These Puppies” “Girls NEW best friend).  It’s well executed.  Just not how I would have marketed it, with the flirtatious names of Buxoms other products.

See? I love the colors.  I just have to do a bit more testing to see if I can eventually manage to get these to stay put long enough to consider using them regularly.  Right now, it doesn’t look good.  I may keep Schnauzer, but the others are seriously in the doghouse.


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