Tutorial: Purple Haze

The brief breakdown is listed here, for those interested.  This tutorial is just for the eyes.  You can finish the face as you wish–I used BRIGHT cool purple lipstick, with a warmer berry gloss, and cool pink cheeks.  That won’t work for a lot of people, and I’m sure you have your own preferences.

Here’s what we need.  The basics—Urban Decay Primer Potion, Posh crease brush duo, sephora eyeliner brush #15, mascara of choice(I use Buxom)

Those are our colors. The big shadow pan is MUFE Lavender #9.  The small pans are(clockwise from left) Urban Decay Flash, MAC Stars N Rockets, Urban Decay Asphyxia.  There’s also the Royal Blue MUFE flash cream(in my artists palette.) Buxom lashliner in Leatherette, and Sephora cream eyeliner in The Deep End.

OK.  First step-prepare your canvas!  Cleanse face, apply moisturizer(if needed),  fill in brows, etc.  We’ll start by applying a teensy amount of Urban Decay Primer Potion to the lower lid.

Next, apply MUFE Flash cream in Blue to the outer half of lower lid. I used my finger, since this cream is a bit sticky, and the body heat helps it apply.  You can also use a densely bristled brush, and just blow dry it a second before applying.  I mainly did this because on me, purples usually either turn gray, or pink.  I find using a thin blue base helps it apply true-to-pan.

Next, apply Flash over the outer 1/3 lid.  Blend it SLIGHTLY inwards from the crease, but not very far.  I used the Large dome crease brush from the posh duo

Next, clean off your brush on paper towell, and then use it to apply MUFE #9 to the middle 1/3 of the lower lid, keeping the top of the crease level with your Flash layer.

Apply Asphyxia to the inner remaining lid, and blend it over the edge of the lavender to add a bit of texture to the matte color.

LIGHTLY pat MAC Stars N Rockets above crease, to soften, and blend in a gentle circular motion

Highlight with your color of choice. I used MAC Gesso because I’m REALLY pale, and the shadow is cool enough to pull off the matte white.

Fill in the outer lower lashline using Flash, blending inwards and thinning the line. I used the small crease brush from the Posh duo.

Clean off the brush, and fill the remaining lashline in with Asphyxia, blending over the inner edge of Flash to soften it.

Next, line upper lashline with leatherette, and the Sephora angled liner brush.  Keep the line thin, but opaque.  Remember to distribute the product evenly on the brush before starting. It’ll save you a lot of swearing and heartache later, from random clumps transferred outside the intended line.  Taper the line off towards the inner lashline, and thicken it at the outer corner.

It still looks a little harsh to me, so my next step was to use a sponge applicator(From cheap eyeshadows, or palettes) or a Sephora sponge smudger, to lightly go over the line and soften it.

That’s a bit gentler.  Next, curl and apply mascara to your preference. (I swear by Buxom mascara).  LIGHTLY tap mascara in along lower lashline.

We’re ALMOST done!  I hadn’t wanted to line the waterline before, in case it got smudged or removed while finishing the lashes.  Now, though, we’ll use our angled liner brush to apply The Deep End to the lower waterline.  Make sure to let it set, and it’ll stay for a VERY long time.  I found it easiest to pull the lid out a little bit to see clearly, and to tap and pull the liner outward, rather than swiping it ALONG the waterline.  It’s easier to control the deposit of color.

Finish your face now.  When applying concealer below the eye, LIGHTLY stipple it(pat it) in around the edge of your lashline color.  Don’t worry about refining it too much, just smooth the edge a bit.  I applied MAC NC 15 studio fix foundation as concealer under the eyes,.  The rest of the face is listed in the brief breakdown for the look, but you can also finish with MAC Sweetie on lips, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, or really ANY cool pink for a quieter look.

This is our finished product!


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