Review: MUFE Cream blush in #3, and #13

Though I wasn’t entirely sold on the MUFE cream blushes at first, the more I use them, the more I love them.  It occurred to me, that I had forgotten to grab #13 for my first review, and it is actually the PALEST shade in the line.  So probably a better fit.  I also tested #3, which is VERY bright and dark, to make sure that the dark shades would be completely unworkable on pale skin, in the pigmentation they provide.

#13 is a VERY pale, cool, pink.  It looks LOVELY on me, but I would not recommend it for anything darker than the MAC 20 range.   There’s some white in the base, so it still blends out very pale, unlike some of hte other shades in the line.

#3 is a BRIGHT deep fuchsia.  It has a good amount of purple to it, and is DEFINITELY best on deeper skin tones.  It’s VERY pigmented, so you CAN blend it out to make it work on paler ones, but I would still say it’s best left for those of us who find the paler color range of blushes don’t show up.

Both of these colors wear well, like the rest of the line.  The formula is VERY uniform, so I don’t have a lot of new stuff to say, beyond an analysis of the colors.

I LOVE #13.  This, and #14(from my previous review) are my favorite shades for my skin tone. THey work BEAUTIFULLY for natural looks, and are VERY versatile.  #3 really didn’t grow on me, but I think most of that is because the pigmentation makes it impossible for that color to be worn on pale/medium skin.  I’d like MUFE to create a clear thinner to go with thier cream blushes, so you could use a little of the dark cream blush, a little thinner, and make it SOOOOOO much easier to apply these deep shades without buffing your foundation away trying to blend it seamless.


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