Review: MAC lipstick in Myth

Myth is a classic nude, can be harsh, but layers well.  It’s neutral, but leans warm.  If you’re looking for a pale pink nude, I’d recommend MAC Hue instead.  This one definitely has a bit more peach to it.

Myth is pretty much opaque-I have a lot of pink in my lips, and though bits peek through the tone, it’s not a noticeable difference.

I got about 4 hours wear on it, and it fades gently.  Its a very easy lipstick to wear, and it pairs well with almost any other gloss. You can use clear ones for a true nude lip, use sheer rosy ones for subtle tints….  It’s definitely a good staple lipstick, if you’re just building a collection.

I think it works best for pal gals like me, but I’ve seen it recommended for medium skin tones, as well. I’d swatch it on yourself to be sure.  I have a hard time seeing anyone darker than a MAC 20 or 25 being able to pull it off.  And even a 25 might want to use a darker gloss over top to soften it with their skin tone.


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