Tutorial: Mazurka(Dark wine smoky eye)

Basic breakdown is here. I figured, my first few tutorials were all fairly wearable bright looks, but I may as well try to do a more accessible one, that would match a variety of skin tones and eye colors.  This is definitely one of the less convoluted makeup looks I’ve done in recent days.  I threw the whole thing on in…. ten minutes?

For this, we will need (left to right) UD Sellout(pale peach highlight), MAC Traxx(eggplant with gold sparkle), MAC Sketch(mostly matte dark eggplant), Sephora cream liner in Bewitch Me(Dark eggplant eyeliner), and NARS Sugarland eyeshadow duo.  Not shown is the Posh large dome crease brush, small dome crease brush, Sicara eyeliner brush, and Buxom mascara.

Start by filling in brows, and applying Painterly to the lower lid.

Apply Traxx to crease with the large domed crease brush.  Build it up in layers, blending inwards.

Apply the pink in Sugarland to the lower lid, skipping the inner corner

Apply the peach in sugarland  to the inner corner

Apply Sellout to the brow bone.

LIGHTLY blend more Traxx on the crease, blending with Sellout.

Use Sketch to fill in the outer lower lashline with the small dome brush.  Using the larger brush, LIGHTLY blend into the outer corner, into the edge of the crease.

Using the Sicara eyeliner brush(Or a similar small round liner brush), LIGHTLY tap Bewitch Me into the upper lashline.  The Sicara brush isn’t particularly dense, so it made it easy to faintly smudge outwards in a less opaque line than my usual preferred angle brush.

Wasn’t that easy?  Curl your lashes and toss on mascara, and we’ll call it a day!


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