Review: NARS Sugarland eyeshadow Duo

This is another lovely wearable duo from NARS.  There’s a soft peachy color with a velvety finish, and a rich mauve  with golden sparkle(That I’ve yet to capture in photographs, on the eye, though it IS visible!)

Both colors are VERY versatile.  More with other colors, than with each other.  Both are nicely pigmented, and apply smoothly. and stay put!  I love pairing this duo with Fyrinnae  Meercat-a slightly richer pale fuchsia with gold shimmer, for a unified sparkly muted smoky eye.

The one thing to note is that the peach shade DOES have a more prominent shimmer in the texture, similar to MACs Lustre finish(Honeylust, Tempting, etc.)  .  Thus, it has some fallout the same way.  It still has FAR less fallout than, say, UD’s Midnight Cowboy shades.  Just something I had to comment on for those of us who don’t like having to clean up after a shadow.

NARS packaging is still one of my favorites-easy to open, doesn’t show wear much at all, except for absorbing glitter.   They give a generous amount of shadow, for $32. This is definitely one of the nicer muted palettes!  I can see myself getting a lot more use out of this palette, once I get over my desire to use both colors in the same look.


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