Tutorial: Shopkeeper give me color!

Basic breakdown for this look is here.

Here’s what we’ll need.  Not shown-MUFE Aqua cream in Fresh Pink, UD Primer Potion, mascara of choice, a basic brush for all-over blending(Mines Japonesque, from a kit), and a drop of water, or mixing medium.  Shown, from left-Laura Mercier African Violet, Bella Pierre Twilight, MUFE Star Powder 916, MAC Sweet Lust, Sephora cream liner in Bewitch Me, Fyrinnae Forbidden lover, and MAC Vanilla

Start with a bare slate-filled in brows, apply UDPP to lower lid.

Next, pat Fresh Pink into outer half of lid, blending up into crease.  I used my finger, and softened it with my all-over brush.  You can also use a slightly stiff natural bristled brush(mine was labeled as a concealer brush)

Next, put a drop of mixing medium on a spare surface(You can use the colors lid, or keep a tile around for this.  Add a bit of Twilight on your brush, and apply wet to the inner half of lids.

Clean twilight off your brush, but use that slightly damp brush to pick up some Star Powder.  Lightly, pat that over the seam between your base colors.  Blend it slightly into fresh pink, but don’t go too heavy.

Lightly, sweet African Violet onto the lower lashline.  It doesn’t have to be too precise, I chose to do a soft falloff, and use the gold shimmer to make it cohere with the rest of the eyes.

On to the fine tuning!  Using SweetLust, lightly blend the upper part of the crease colors out.

Next, apply MAC Vanilla as a highlight.

Now that, in itself, is pretty presentable. I want a bit more contour though, so I’ll LIGHTLY pat a little Forbidden Lover into the outer 1/3 lower lashline, and upper lashline corner.  Clean your brush, and lightly blend that touch of color into the crease.

Blend it a shade further, if needed, to soften.  Once you’re satisfied, use an angled liner brush and bewitch me to sketch in the wing.  I lined my brush up at the corner of my eye, along the angle of the lower lashline. I thought that might be too harsh, and angled it down slightly from there.  Make sure your eyes are even with each other, and tweak, if needed, with a Q tip in makeup remover.

Once you’re happy with it, fill in the rest of the upper lashline, starting from the wing.  Keep the outer corner thicker, and lightly fill in the corner where it starts to wing, like you’re drawing a line between teh middle of the wing, and same distance along your lashline.

Happy?  Curl lashes as needed, and apply mascara. I used almost NONE on the lower lashline. I held the brush horizontally at the base of those lashes, and “see sawed” the brush to bring the edge in contact with the lashes along my eyes curve.

Eyeing it, I thought my gold was fading, touched it up, and applied another coat of mascara.

Touch up your face and finish it as needed!   A little concealer under the eyes, some coral blush, your lips of choice, and call it a day!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. alvira
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 05:44:32

    Wow it’s so pretty I love the way you blended the colors


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