Olive smoky eye(using Naked palette)

Apologies for the fairly lazy post.  I haven’t been feeling very well, and I wiped like four different things off because my hands were shaking, and messing up the blending. Plus,  once in a while i get a hormonal issue that makes my face REALLY sensitive.  You can kind of see the redness from my makeup remover clear through my concealer!  So I figured applying full face was probably a disaster waiting to happen.  The sheer difficulty getting this together is pretty mind boggling, considering how inspired I’ve been lately.  Plus, I have 3 different makeup packages coming in the next two weeks, so I’ve been very eager to try new things. I have MAC Cornflower pigment, Vex, Hepcat, and Tilt eyeshadow, UD Lounge, a few on sale items, a bunch of Eve Pearl from Hautelook including a backup of my HG foundation…… Life is GOOD!  Well, except for the hand spasming, face swelling, foul tempered caveats.  But that’s what boyfriends are for!  Either way, I’m halfway to the point of hiding my debit card in the litter box, to prevent me from even being tempted to retrieve it.

Note: The olive cream base is REALLY generic. I’ve seen at least four brands selling the same product, same packaging, different label. I don’t remember what mine is.  You can substitute MAC Moss Scape, if you have that.  Just use it lightly, since it’s a little darker.  Or, you can use any olive liquid liner/gel liner, and I’m reasonably sure MUFE makes an Aqua cream that would work, though I don’t have the color, or know it offhand. Or you might even use UD Mildew eyeshadow to get a similar color. There’s options.

UD Primer POtion

Superwear Cream Shadow in Moss-outer half loser lid

UD Half Baked-inner half of lid

UD Smog-pat over joining between olive and half baked.  blend slightly further into olive

UD Gunsmoke-outer corner

UD Virgin-highlight, blending into top part of crease colors to soften

UD 24/7 liner in Zero

Buxom mascara


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