Review: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #16

So, I recently tried a few shades in the MUFE lipstick lineup. They released a whole range of Rouge Artist Intense shades.  I purchased two, and they were sold out of a few more  I wanted.

This is one of the ones I got!  Its a VERY pretty, cool bronze with shimmer.  perfect for fall.

I’ll probably explain this more as I review other finishes in the formula.  This line has a few different finishes, and the description for the application of this si the same for all shades labeled “pearly” in the display.

The formula for these pearly shades is a bit stiff, VERY pigmented, and can take a bit of fuss to apply evenly.  It doesn’t feel drying or do too many weird things on my dry lips texture, but it DOES take a bit of work with the darker to get it even.

Nice packaging, sturdy, metallic, shows some fingerprints, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I’ll probably use these packaging photos to show the other shades, that I got samples of until they’re back in stock.

There’s a WIDE range of shades in the line, everything from bright orange, to classic red, to nudes.  So it’s easy to find what you want.

They are VERY


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