review: Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette

Probably 2/3 of you, if not more, will have already heard raves of this, before seeing my review.  I’m not fanatical about getting things RIGHT AWAY, which is a good thing, since stores can’t seem to keep this palette on their shelves for more than a day or so.

Understandably.  It’s a VERY well put together, accessible palette that has usefulness to both makeup connoisseurs, and casual makeup users.  It’s my favorite UD palette to date, though I prefer the colors in the Deluxe palette for my own tastes…. this one is a far more complete package.

I wasn’t sure if I should get it at first, since I don’t wear that many neutrals, even though I love some of the colors.  I passed on it, figured someone else would love it more.  But eventually(Read, 6 weeks or so) later, I decided it would be handy enough that I’d get it after the rush died down.

There’s 12 colors.  Many are new, though there are several you may own, simply if you own other UD palettes, particularly the Book of Shadows sets.  Half Baked, Smog, Gunsmoke, Sidecar are ALL repeats from the BoS sets alone.  UD is particularly fond of their slightly frosty finish, and buttery texture, but this set includes two matte shades that remind me greatly of my two favorite matte neutrals, MAC Kid, and Cork.  They also include a sample of UD Primer Potion, and a double ended eyeliner pencil with black, and brown liner.

This kit is permanent, and as near as I can tell, they’ve been sending it to the Pennies counter Sephora’s before freestanding ones. At least all the pennies counters I’ve seen have had a SAMPLE one, even if its sold out.  My freestanding sephora has the display, but no sample products and has NEVER had stock.  To an extent this makes sense to me, since it’s an accessible kit that would have the broadest appeal  with more pedestrian users.

All of the colors are LOVELY, though I still say you should use your own highlighter, if you’re like me. I can’t wear shimmery or frosty highlighters because it highlights a scar I have on my browbones.  Both of the matte shades are darker, and the pale shades have enough frost that it may be awkward for some skin tones/types.  They still are beautiful as lid colors though!

Here’s the colors!

Virgin-pinky white frosty color, suitable for highlights or lid color on paler skin tones.

Sin- slightly deeper pink, slightly cool undertones.  May work as a highlight on deeper skin tones,  or as a lid color.

Naked-a pale, natural brown with slightly cooler undertones.  This one is similar to MAC Kid, in my opinion, though it applies more intensely(UD shadows tend to have a softer texture than MAC that allows you to pick up more product on the brush).  It has a matte finish, and is perfect for basic contours, or a lid color for a dark smoky eye.

Sidecar-pale bronze, with some frost and sparkle.  WOrks well as a lid color for neutral looks, may work as a highlighter for particularly deep skin tones.

Buck-a rich, reddish brown. This is slightly warmer, but still wearable on cool skin tones.

Half Baked-How many times have we seen this color?  Warm, yellowy gold.  Definitely a lid or contour color.  You may have to work to use this, if you have pink undertones.  That said, it makes blue eyes POP, so it’s well worth pairing with cool shadows to balance it out.

Smog-reddish bronze, some sparkly and frost.  Suitable for crease, or lid in VERY deep smoky eyes.

Darkhorse-rich, chocolatey bronze.  Contour color. Definitely contour color.  Although it works for a subtle eyeliner too.

Toasted-champagne bronze.  It has similar pink notes to Sin, but is deeper, and works for a lid color, or crease color.  Works for either undertone.

Hustle-dark bronzy eggplant.  This does lean warm, but should work for both tones. You can use it for crease, or even for eyeliner(applied wet, or just filled in narrowly along lashlines)

Creep-blackened gray with some  frost and shimmer. Pretty middle-of-the-road neutral.

Gunsmoke-silvery gray with some sparkle and frost.  Leans cool, but works on both.

The packaging itself is far more utilitarian than I’ve come to expect from UD.  The outer casing IS covered in velvet, which looks pretty but collects animal hair and makeup dust.  But other than that, the magnetic closure works with no fuss, the eyeliner is stored below the shadow so it won’t shake free and  damage the shadows, and the shadows have a VERY nice layout to then that makes it easy to visualize your combinations.

Shadows are swatched in order.  Top Row; Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, half baked.  Bottom row: Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunsmoke.

Update: I realized I forgot to talk about the liner pencil!  It’s UD’s popular 24/7 formula—very soft, creamy, stays pretty well. Both shades are nicely pigmented.  Zero is a dense black, and Whiskey is a slightly warm brown.  Most importantly, Whiskey is an AWESOME shade, particularly compared to the brown that UD normally tosses in with sets, Bourbon.  Bourbon applies fairly sheerly and shows up(on my skin) as a red, with brown shimmer.  NOT pretty on the eyes. Whiskey applies densely, and looks like a very natural tone, which makes it ideal for giving a VERY nude look the impression of thicker lashes, or liner, without having the harsh black contour.


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