vintage cateye(using naked palette)

Including the horrid results of me taking the time to hot roller my hair.  My hair curls SO unevenly it’s not even funny.  And then the curls drop FAST, so in a half hour I’ll have frizzy waves.

Still, it’s been a while since I did something of the sort, so I had the urge to.  Plus, it’s REALLY darn hard to screw up a neutral, with that palette.  Absolutely idiotproof.  And I’d already wiped like four things off my face in disgust.

I wish I’d contoured my lower lashline though.    It’s not “period” for the look, but it looks a LOT better with my face.

UD Primer Potion

UD Hustle-crease

UD Sidecar-lower lid

UD Toasted-inner corner

UD Sin-above crease to soften

UD Virgin-highlight and lower lashline

Exceptionnel De Chanel mascara

Buxom lashliner in Leatherette-line upper lashline only, winging out at outer corner.


MAC Gleeful-shade contour first, then blend blush upwards

Temptu highlighter in Champagne


MUFE Aqua cream in Red-line lips, and fill in

MAC Spice it up-apply overtop to deepen the color and add shine


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pumpkincat210
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 23:07:37

    This is a very pretty look! The red lipstick is great on you.
    I know about curls not staying in long. My hair falls fast too especially since it’s humid.


    • dolcearia
      Sep 17, 2010 @ 23:16:21

      Thanks. I love my hair, curled, but hot rollers are pretty unpredictable, and my hair falls out of ALL of it too fast. I just have this odd texture of hair thats soft, thick, straight, FRIZZY, and heavy. Curls won’t stay in, it takes on odd twists of its own if i straighten it…. There really isn’t much I can do with it unless it’s long enough that the weight pulls it straight. And that hasn’t happened in a few years, since it got damaged, and I had to cut it all off. Ever since then, its just been more and more cuts to camouflage recurring damage, and I haven’t gotten a third of the length needed for it to look NICE. It really doesn’t help that my boss has a vendetta agains “unprofessional” hair styles including flyaways——which, since I spend around half my shift walking outdoors, is IMPOSSIBLE not to get, unless it’s ponytailed, headbanded, claw clipped, or bobby pinned back 24/7. Which causes stress lines and new damage! It really is frustrating. I wish I could wear a wig for a year, and then take it off and have my long pretty hair back.


  2. thecandiedmango
    Sep 18, 2010 @ 20:49:14

    Your boss sounds like a weirdo. It’s not like you can help getting flyaways or frizzy hair, especially when it’s windy or humid out.


  3. dolcearia
    Sep 18, 2010 @ 21:40:20

    Dude. You don’t know the HALF of it. It really is a question of how soon the job will drive me insane, or how many people I will cuss out when I run screaming after the last straw. No one is really happy to have me at that site, and I’ve had SOOOOOOO many issues with people there. They don’t want to fire me, because I’m reliable and do decent work, and it would mean more work on their part, but that doesn’t stop them from antagonizing the heck out of me. Some of it is just idiocy due to their OWN poorly defined procedures(management LOVES to write vague procedures, and then punish employees for doing their jobs by claiming “you did it wrong” while ignoring people who were too stupid, or ignored the problem), some of it is quasi-illegal industry standard crap(I got a write up because I called in sick, with a migraine so severe I couldn’t stand long enough to get dressed, or walk across the house without help, because I didn’t have 8 hours notice about the headache. They claim that you CAN”T leave until the next person is there, so someones there 24/7. So if someone calls in sick, they consider themselves JUSTIFIED in forcing you to work a 16 hour shift if no one else can come in, which is RIDICULOUS since we have 5 people in the department, TOTAL. Legally, they can’t force you to stay past 12 hours, but that won’t stop them from firing you if you walk out at 12, and your relief isn’t there.) and some of it is just very unusual antagonism that DOES seem to have…. prejudices. (The EXECUTIVES at the site complained about me because I “don’t look military enough” and my uniform issue winter parka makes me look “too tiny”. Because of that, I’m not allowed to wear the parka when employees are on site—which is over half my shift, and management has told me that if I’m cold, I need to “compromise” by spending 200+ to buy LUXURY sports/outdoors underclothes. No. That’s a uniform issue. You take it up with my companies corporate, tell THEM you want them to get a jacket properly made for me. Our uniform pieces are made for larger men, so of COURSE nothing fits!)

    Trying to hold onto it until the economy picks up, and I can find something better(My area is known for having a drastically higher than average unemployment average), but it really IS a question of how much longer I can keep my mouth shut.


    • thecandiedmango
      Sep 19, 2010 @ 02:14:06

      So… it’s basically a workplace full of buttmunches, eh? Hopefully you’ll find something soon, at the very least a job where your superiors aren’t completely ridiculous. Luck & good wishes going your way (pew pew pew)


      • dolcearia
        Sep 19, 2010 @ 13:27:48

        Heh, thanks. I need it.

        It’s funny. I never in my life heard the term buttmunches, until I met the man. He says it all the time, in the absence of stronger insults. And now I know a ton of other people saying it too.

      • thecandiedmango
        Sep 19, 2010 @ 18:07:05

        Have you ever watched Beavis and Butthead? They popularized the term. I think the show is having a mini-revival, hence the usage. I just remember my brothers say it all. the. time.

      • dolcearia
        Sep 19, 2010 @ 19:05:45

        I’ve seen… a little(?) beavis and butthead. Unfortunately, I was told that the ONLY way to watch it was drunk, and I don’t think I remember details of it, although I do remember a particularly delightful cocktail, and trying hard to throw up without waking the boyfriends room mate. When it first came out, I think I was on the threshold of too young, so combine that with a household that rarely watched TV, and I think I missed a lot of cultural milestones. Which is probably fairly backwards, considering that at that age, I could analyze most sword fights/stage fights, name almost any piece of classical music on the radio according to composer, period, song format, mode, national stylistic affiliation, and could recite long excerpts from classical greek literature/mythology. So yeah. I’m a bit behind, culturally speaking.

      • dolcearia
        Sep 19, 2010 @ 22:22:08

        I just realized how tacky the above comment could sound. To clarify-the boyfriend would be the first to admit that I have probably 3 times his alcohol tolerance, at least. The night we watched it, he made me finish the last third or so of all his drinks, plus my own, so that HE wouldn’t be the one drunk first.

        It worked. Never again.

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