Review: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #18

Another pearly shade from MUFE’s new Rouge Artist Intense lipstick lineup.

This shade is a pretty beige with a touch of coral, and a gold pearl.  So definitely better on warm  undertones.  I think it would be workable on cool undertones with a pink gloss to neutralize it a bit.

My original comments on the pearl formula stand.   It’s a firm, slightly waxy feeling lipcolor.  So it can take a bit of pressure to apply evenly.  But the color is gorgeous, and wears for a good 4-5 hours.

I’m more than a bit in love with this particular shade.  It’s pretty, not TOO warm, but a nice coral nude.  MUFE really HAS put out quite a nice lineup of lipsticks.  Something for everyone and all that.

This shade reminds me of MAC’s Viva Glam V, but it’s a bit paler, slightly less pink.  If you’re shy of bright colors, or too pale for a lot of lipsticks, this might be a nice one to swatch!  My lips are a big pink to start, but you can see it still has a nice color over them.  Very well pigmented and opaque.

I can’t wait to get more shades of this lineup!  I think these may block out MAC for my favorite lipsticks, just from the uniqueness of some of the colors I’ve found, and the length of the wear.


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