Review: Stila Longwear lipcolor in Coquette and Darling

So, I’m running a bit behind on some of the samples I got during my nude lip kick.  Lifes kept me busy.  I started writing this around a month ago, if that tells you anything.  I think it was around a month. Time has lost its sense of stability in the face of my exhaustion, right now.

I tried Darling, a shimmery peach nude with a hint of gold, and Coquette, a deep rose with a slight gloss, but no perceptible shimmer.

Darling isn’t entirely opaque, but the shimmer and the sheerness makes it wearable for pigmented lipslike mine, where lipsticks like MAC Cherish, look too harsh.  Really, the most noticable part of it is the peachy shimmer.

Coquette reminds me a bit of NARS Cruising, and MAC Viva Glam V. It’s less shimmery than Viva Glam, and slightly more opaque and less glossy than Cruising.  The color is lovely and wearable for both warmer tones, and cooler ones(in moderation)

I like the formula-I wouldn’t have pegged it as a “longwear” formula-it feels a little slick on the lips, wears comparably to creamier formula’s, and is decently moisturizing.

It sells for $20, which IS more expensive than smiliar colors from MAC at $14.50, but it is in line with other similar labels(NARS lipsticks are 25$, Tarte LipStain is 25$, MUFE Artiste lipsticks are 19$, UD lipsticks are 22, I think).  There’s a part of me that kind of grumbles that price, but I’ve come to discover that it’s better to get what I want, the FIRST time around.  I have a love-hate feeling with a lot of MAC nudes—either they are sheer and look odd with my lips pigmentation, or the formula is drying, and opaque, and STILL looks weird.  Gorgeous color range, but I’m not 100% sold on it.

I intend to buy BOTH of these longwear colors, since they are perfect for more neutral looks, as well as layering with deeper colors or glosses.    Both are suitable for daytime makeup looks, or accompanying a smoky eye, so I don’t think I’ll have a shortage of occasions to use them.


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