Tutorial: Greensleeves

Basic breakdown is here.

You will need—Cicara Eyeliner brush, Posh crease brush duo, and fluffy concealer brush.  Also, a sponge smudger, or sponge eyeshadow applicator.  Mascara of choice, and(pictured, from bottom left, clockwise) Urban Decay Green Goddess, MUFE Emerald Aqua cream, UD 24/7 liner in Stash, Bella Pierre Twilight, MAC Paintpot in Moss Scape, and MAC eyeshadows Gesso, Sunny Side, and UD Mildew.

Start with your bare canvas.  Fill in brows, put loose powder below eye to catch fallout, if wanted.

Apply Emerald Aqua cream to the outer half of lower lid, with that concealer brush.  Fluff up with a bare brush, if desired.  It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth/blended, but it SHOULD be reasonably opaque.

Next, clean your brush, put a drop of mixing medium(or water.) on the tip of your brush with Twlight, and blend into the inner half of lid.  Dry the brush on a paper towel to remove excess product, and lightly pat/pull the gold color over the seam between green and gold to blend it slightly.  If you over blend it, you can LIGHTLY pat additional Emerald over the outer edge, and pull inwards.

Pat Sunny Side over the center lid, to soften the seam further.  Don’t pull it all the way into the outer edge of the Emerald, but DO blend it lightly over towards that edge.

Lightly, blend a touch of Green Goddess above the outer portion of crease to soften the crease.  If you have cool skin, this will also help blend it with the very warm colors on the lid.

Highlight with Gesso.  I like to do this before finalizing blendings, so that it’ll be easier to blend shadows into it without them adhering too much to look smooth.

Now’s the time to polish the blending. I used a little more green goddess to further soften the crease.  Having the highlight color in place made it easier to get a very subtle blend.  Using the small dome brush, pat Twilight in around lower lashline.

Clean the brush off, and lightly blend Mildew into the outer 1/3 or so of the lower lashline.  We want a faint contour, not a visible color.

Apply Stash to the lower waterline.  If you have watery eyes, you may want to dry waterline with a q tip before applying, to help it stay and apply evenly.

Next, finish your lashes as you wish.  I curled my lashes, and used Buxom mascara, over my primer routine.  LIGHTLY tap in at bases of lower lashes, but don’t attempt to coat length. Apply Moss Scape to the upper lashline, tapping in at base of lashes.  I prefer to do this between mascara coats, so if i get any into the lashes, I can easily cover it up with the mascara.

After viewing the finished thing, I decided I wanted the liner to stand out a little bit more.  I patted a bit more on, and used a sponge applicator to lightly smudge it outward.

You’re done!  If needed, brush away fallout, apply concealer, finish face, whatever you’d like!  I just used a tinted moisturizer, and nude lips, for a fairly subdued finish(for me).


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