Review: Urban Decay Deluxe shadow in Frigid

So, I’ve purchased several new colors to begin putting together Focus On pieces on.  This is one.

UD’s Deluxe line of shadows is a lot of fun to play with—they have the signature buttery texture, easy blending, soft frost finish, that the best UD shadow’s have.  Without the Glitter-nasty shades like Midnight Cowboy.

Frigid is a spectacularly complex color.  In person it appears a dark blue in the pan, swatching to blue with a hint of deep violet.  That violet comes across stronger in photographs.  But that, with the sheen, gives it that metallic depth you see in peacock feathers.  I LOVE this color.

It doesn’t fade, over a primer, blends very easily….  A little goes a long way, but the pan is a generous size.

My biggest pet peeve is the packaging. It’s cute, and feels sturdy at first, but take a look at the testers at your local store—chances are, the clear covering on top has come off, and the paper decoration  underneath is peeling back.  I feel like every time I open it, the clear part pulls a little further away from the actual lid with the decorative sticker.  So I’m not srue how well it will hold up to continued use.  Ohwell. I’m waiting for a new palette, so I can depot a few colors adn redistribute my pans.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pumpkincat210
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 02:38:45

    I’m such a big fan of the deluxe shadows. They are all equally pretty in their own way. I haven’t seen the newest ones out and i’m glad they haven’t discontinued them. I agree though, the clear plastic pieces come off easily and the shadows are also very delicate, so they aren’t really made for carrying in your purse.


  2. dolcearia
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 15:42:51

    Were they talking about discontinuing them?

    Yeah, I depotted mine, and the container was RUINED, and it took a dent or two out of the shadow. Not NEAR as nice to depot as their shadow singles. Still, I feel much better now that it’s in a pretty protected palette.

    I think my favorite thing about them is that the formula is ABSOLUTELY uniform. I’m looking into writing Focus On pieces for a few of the colors, and I’m wondering if I should just consolidate a few colors into one focus on piece. The texture… just ALWAYS handles the same way, from color to color. no less pigmented or chalky shades, they all handle the same way over deeper primers, applied wet, etc. I’d feel a little silly and repetitive posting separate pieces when the only thing that’s changed is the color tones. Either way, it’s nice, especially to buy online, since you NEVER have to worry about discovering that this is one of the nasty glittery shades that has MASSIVE fallout, or this one is more of a chunky finish, or any of the little idiosyncrasies you usually find within makeup lines, even among similar finishes.


    • pumpkincat210
      Sep 27, 2010 @ 08:12:06

      To my knowledge i have no idea if they were going to discontinue them, but it seems every makeup company discontinues my favorite things.


      • dolcearia
        Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:02:22

        Ah. I can understand that. I got confused since usually I’m (entirely too) aware of these rumors, and product changes. I was wondering how I could have missed it!

        I just wish they had a TRUE highlight color in the line. All of the natural shades are too deep for that use, and it would be nice being able to blend them out with a highlight that had the same texture. Even softly frosty shades without the glitter, from their permanent line, just don’t quite look the same.

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